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Cloverdale Annual Events


There are many events and attractions that make Cloverdale a unique community. Already known for its early 1900's architecture and history, the city is consistently updating and expanding to make this historic neighborhood a great one to live and thrive in today!

Get Kitchen Savvy


Whether you have minimal experience in the kitchen or you’re a veteran chef, the culinary arts are exciting to explore in all areas. Food has a way of reinventing itself for everyone, and people are constantly looking for new ways to spice it up in the kitchen. Consider Food Network attracted its largest audience last year (averaging 1.1 million viewers a night), a simple App Store search turns up hundreds of recipe-related tools, and Pinterest is brimming with thousands of tailgate-tailored, husband-pleasing, festive, you’ll be the hostess with the mostest, “OMG, this is so easy!” culinary concoctions. It’s safe to say, we’re food-obsessed.

Fabulous Fall Finds


When you think of fall, you may think of invigorating cooler temperatures, football games and the sound of leaves crackling under your feet. But when you see the list below of fun festivals and events coming up around the River Region, you may just begin to think of fall as the definitive season for savvy shoppers, live music fans, foodies and wine connoisseurs. Check out these great events that offer something for everyone, and be sure to make this fall a season of discovery!

Meet the Parents


There are few words in the English language more frightening than "I want you to meet my parents." But like it or not, your significant other usually comes with Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, etc. The first time you meet their parents always makes for a tense situation; movies have been made about this. And when these situations go disastrously wrong the outcome can be hilarious and/or humiliating.

Kick Off Your Creativity


Females need not suit up in pads, helmets and jerseys to huddle up and win. Socializing is our sport, and football season provides us the perfect opportunity to get in the zone with our favorite team of girls for a spirit-filled painting party.

Spring into Fun, Feasts and Festivals


Your eyes are watering and itchy. You have sneezed so many times you’ve lost count. You startled everyone at the drugstore with your piercing celebratory scream when you discovered Allegra was half-off. Welcome, spring, we’re glad you’re here! Sure, pollen in the air is a tell-tale sign that warmer weather is upon us, but with the warmer weather comes that sudden urge to get outside and enjoy it before the true dog days of summer set in.

Together We March


Welcome to March, and more importantly, the answer to your social woes: the NCAA Tournament. True, very few of us were worried about our school’s basketball record those few weeks leading up to the Iron Bowl. Even if you pull for that team that won the National Championship this year, you probably still haven’t thought much about it. Well, now is the time to get invested.

Girlfriend Excursions


In the last Connections, we were treated to a hilarious depiction of Guy’s Night Out by the ultra
witty Mark Anderson, but there was one important fallacy…the notion that Girl’s Night Out is tame
and unexciting in comparison. The girls have a bone to pick.