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Live and Listen


Jordan Kirkland has a vision for making Montgomery a prime destination for live music. To that end, he has created “Live and Listen,” a series of interesting concert events to help bring his vision to life. The first of these is the cleverly titled “Funksgiving,” to be held on the 28th of November at Alley Station and featuring two young, nationally touring bands—Earphunk and The McLovins. RSVP spoke to the “Live and Listen” concert visionary about both that event, his reasons for choosing his life’s vocation, and what he has planned for the future.

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Delyana Lazarova


As a little girl growing up in Bulgaria, Delyana Lazarova was enchanted with both music and theatre, but even she did not know at such an early age the success that awaited her in the world of classical music. Delyana was born in Plodiv, Bulgaria; a province considered by many to be one of the cultural hubs of the country. Her father works in journalism, and her mother was (and still is) a pianist and composer for the theatre. Delyana spent many of her formative years in the theatre, and quickly memorized every line of the plays she watched in rehearsals. It was during this period that Delyana says she developed her passion for music and theatre.

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What started out as a coffee table conversation among friends who wanted to provide younger audiences with both the opportunities to attend classical music events in casual attire and social moments to enjoy with friends and performers culminated in the formation of ClefWorks in 2006. The premiere season was held in Montgomery in the summer of 2007, with the underlying concept of “demystifying” classical music by engaging all ages with an art form that many, surprisingly, already had a connection to – often through music lessons as a child or simply from hearing melodies in movies, commercials and Saturday cartoons.

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Federal Expression


As our beautiful River Region continues to grow, its blossoming New South culture evolves in interesting and surprising ways. As evidence of this welcome trend, Riverfront Park is hosting its Fourth of July Picnic in the Park. Sponsored by Wind Creek Hospitality and Capitol Hyundai, the event offers more than just a prime opportunity for fun in the sun. It also offers a chance to see a unique local talent celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album. Federal Expression is nine gifted friends with a shared love of a proud strain of Southern jam rock that extends from Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers to more modern favorites like Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews Band.

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Now Hear This: Toadlick Music Festival 2013


If you ask Chris Gilbert what his inspiration was for Toadlick Music Festival, he will tell you quite simply, “I just wanted to have a party.” With the help of family and friends, last year Gilbert was able to put together much more than a party – he managed to assemble a three day festival that, despite inclement weather, was attended by over 31,000 people. This year’s event, featuring big names in music from country, rock and southern rock, is shaping up to be even bigger and better.

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Now Hear This: Measure for Measure


Montgomery, meet Measure for Measure. No need for reciprocal introductions. The four members of perhaps Montgomery’s only pop punk band— Paul Boley, Steve Bell, Derek Vance and Timmy Lawless—are somewhere between partly and mostly Montgomery natives.

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Now Hear This: Souled Out


To see Souled Out play live is to witness a joyful testimony to the power of the groove. With their lineup of male and female vocalists, keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone and drums, Souled Out combines more than 50 years worth of soul, rhythm and blues, jazz and pop into an infectious mix that inspires multi-generational audiences to dance and sing along.

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Now Hear This


In a city where it seems like every other musician playing the bars covers the same 20 songs by the same 10 classic rock artists, Goat Hill String Band is a welcome anomaly.

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