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AviatorBAR Takes Flight


At high noon on February 15th, 1910, Wilbur Wright stepped from a train onto the landing at Montgomery’s Union Station. At that precise moment the economic fortunes of our city changed forever. Within a couple of days Wilbur had been given the proverbial “keys to the city” and the world’s first Civil Aviation Flight School was soon founded in the middle of a 100 acre cotton field on the site of what is now Maxwell Air Force Base.

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Have a Heart for Children


Earnestine Woods, a Montgomery Public Schools security officer, is known around the River Region for having a big heart. So big, in fact, that she started her very own charity organization 13 years ago when a young girl with special needs touched her heart.

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Mary Ellen's Hearth


Mary Ellen’s Hearth at the Nellie Burge Community Center has been lucky to have a number of volunteers step up already. Dobbins said volunteers have donated items to the center, donated supplies to keep the center stocked with essentials and many have volunteered to train and mentor the mothers. Mary Ellen’s Hearth even had about 40 volunteers who came to help paint the downstairs of the center.

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From the Heart: "Just Keep Smiling" expanding its reach to Montgomery


Over the past six years, I've had the opportunity to get to know many families who never expected to be in the position they found themselves in when I had the honor of meeting them. In order to prepare for the annual Mix 103 Radiothon for Children's Hospital and the Relay for Life events each spring, I interview families whose children have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, have suffered major trauma or have been told they are terminally ill. The choices that have to be made at times like these are overwhelming. Where will my child receive care? How will we pay the bills? Will I have to quit my job to stay in the hospital with my child? These are just a few of the questions and worries parents face during this already difficult time.

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Central shows Montgomery Southern class with an urban twist


Montgomery’s trendy new restaurant, Central, has made its debut. The restaurant, located in the center of Montgomery’s downtown entertainment district, blends historic beauty, Southern comfort and a touch of urban modernity into one delectable dish.

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Hope for the Helpless


As a proud parent of three Montgomery Humane Society (MHS) pets including our doxies, Pebbles and Bam-Bam, and our self-potty trained cat, Snickers, it is always rewarding to visit their former foster home and catch up with Executive Director, Steven Tears.

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