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A Tribal Trifecta


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is known for doing positive things, and I’m not just talking about the numerous sponsorships they donate to enrich our community or all the jobs they provide. I’m talking about bringing us first-class entertainment and dining just a few miles away. The $65 million dollar renovation of Wind Creek Montgomery is not something to just read about. It is a must see.

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Real Men Wear Pink


Some pretty awesome men are wearing pink around Montgomery these days. Is this a bold fashion statement or an alternative new look? Well, perhaps it feels that way for the men, but all this pink supports awareness of a worthy cause.

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Part of ASF's World


In 1989, the world was introduced to a beautiful, redheaded, cartoon mermaid named Ariel. Her ambitious and curious nature led her on an adventure of a lifetime to discover a new world. Today, her story continues to enchant both young and old in the form of theme park attractions, movie sequels and a musical. The latter has landed right here in Montgomery, Alabama to help us escape from the summer heat with a little trip under the sea.

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Let the Tour Begin


It takes a village.... or several, to put on a successful parade, and who doesn’t love a good parade?

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The Movement - A Timeline of the Civil Rights Struggle


Fifty years ago, many visionary African-Americans and courageous citizens answered the call to transform the world.  While the decade including the 1954 Supreme Court decision on school desegregation and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 will be recorded as the period of time in which the legal foundations of racism in America were destroyed, there were many events and sacrifices that are often forgotten. Brave heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. are often the household names that come to mind when you picture the faces of the movement toward freedom from hatred and discrimination, but in addition to their struggles, there were many other protests and personalities that led to this change. The events that took place revealed the best and worst humanity had to offer, but the positive changes it brought to voting and civil rights continue to be felt throughout the world.

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A Very Merry Vintage Christmas


I’m dreaming of a vintage Christmas, and it’s unique, fun and fabulous. In a world where people are searching for the newest, brightest “next big thing,” it’s refreshing to take a step back and draw inspiration from the past. At RSVP, we love to showcase vibrant, unique features and this issue’s Reply Yes is no different.

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Ask most Montgomerians what Oktoberfest is all about and the common answer will be "BEER." The stereotypical image of a buxom German waitress delivering frothy mugs of brew has become symbolic of the word "Oktoberfest" in our culture. But over the past few decades, this highly-imitated party has morphed from a folksy Bavarian beer festival into the world's largest and most famous "Fun Fair" with an activity playlist now loaded with all types of hits. Nevertheless....Oktoberfest is still about the BEER!

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A Jolly Holiday with Alice Sherman, A.K.A. Mary Poppins


Many would say Alice Sherman was born to act. Born in New York City to parents involved in theater, her father is a director who later started running theaters around the country, and her mother is an actress and director.

Sherman studied opera at Columbia University. After making the switch to theater and film, she graduated and moved to Los Angeles to learn more about film and television. Sherman did student films and a couple small roles in TV shows and feature films. She also worked in theater, and discovered it was her true calling. She recently returned to New York to pursue more theater and musical theater opportunities.

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Retreats Within Reach


It’s hot outside. Your work, kids and responsibilities are constantly demanding attention. You’re feeling restless and you’ve got the itch to get away from it all. You’ve got a bad case of spring fever and we know just what the doctor has ordered - a vacation. Good for your soul and good for mind, vacations are actually beneficial. And lucky for you, you don’t have to travel across the globe or break the bank to find that vacation you’ve been longing for. Whether you’re craving relaxation on the coast, gorgeous countryside views or rip-roaring adventure, there are many options for a vacation close to home.

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SEC Predictions


Seven straight National Championships. Four of the last six Heisman Trophy winners. Things have never been better for those that love football in the Southeastern Conference. Even Texas A&M, somewhat forgotten in its own state, turned in its best season in decades and is now the talk of Texas after just one year in the league.
As we head into the 2013 season, the last under the current BCS system, there’s no reason to believe things will be much different. Despite the off-the-field troubles of Aggie Heisman holder Johnny Manziel, most eyes expect another banner year from the league outsiders love to hate.

Coaches from other supposed power conferences – mainly Nebraska’s Bo Pelini and Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops – have taken off-season shots at the SEC, resulting in mostly under-their-breath snickers from national talking heads. Bret Bielema, who as the head coach a year ago at Wisconsin had disparaging things to say about the league, sure took his first chance to join forces when the opportunity presented itself, accepting the same position at Arkansas last December.

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