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From The Girls

The Girls- September 2013


It is hard to believe that summer has come and gone. A season may end, a career may end, an era may end but the football season — easily the most popular sport in the country — is a cycle that will always come around again. Everyone seems a little more excited this year as Alabama fans are still basking in their 15th National Championship victory and Auburn fans are anticipating a much better year with a new coach. We have a few SEC predictions for you in this issue, some interviews with some former football legends, and some great ideas for tailgate takeout.

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The Girls - July 2013


Summer has kicked into full gear and although it has been a hot one, it doesn’t seem to be stopping us from spending time outside in our gardens, kayaks, farmers markets and ball fields. If you look back at some of your past summers with regret over things you missed… the trips, the concerts, the people you never got to know, we hope this issue will remind you that every opportunity missed can be pursued again. RSVP is all about connecting you with people and places that are worth knowing about. Be sure to check out the individuals featured in this issue who bring energy, culture and trade making our city even richer.

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The Girls - May 2013


Summer is almost here. The time of year when the structure of the school year no longer reins us in. The time of year when things happen off-schedule and a sudden jaunt to grab drinks with a friend is a perfectly natural impulse. Our feature story highlights Alabama’s breweries and some of our favorite beer. Craft beer week is May 13-18 and there are several beer tastings at some of our favorite watering holes. Be sure to check our website and sign up for our weekly blast so you can take part in the tastings and find your favorite summer beer.

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The Girls- March 2013


I don’t know about you, but the girls at RSVP are ready to 86 this cold, rainy weather and make room for spring! We certainly had warmer weather on our mind when we selected the features for this issue. We couldn't wait to feature swimwear, and no one seemed to mind that it was 45 degrees during the photo shoot. If our swimwear spread motivates you to get bikini ready, our In Motion feature on Montgomery’s newest fitness craze, Pure Barre, is a must read.

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The Girls- January 2013


We are thrilled to be celebrating our five year anniversary of RSVP Montgomery. It seems like just yesterday we were working on our business plan, building the RSVP logo and knocking on the doors of many businesses asking them to believe in our product and partner with us.

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The Girls- November 2012


As we approach the holidays, it is fitting to give thanks to the RSVP Montgomery team for their commitment to producing the best social magazine in Montgomery. The hours they dedicate in order to get the job done is impressive enough, but also remarkable is the joy and enthusiasm with which they do it. Thanks, girls – for making this job so enjoyable!

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If you can’t already tell, I’ve fallen hard for this city of ours. It won my heart long ago, and I’m excited beyond words to share each new issue that highlights all that Montgomery offers. I know some of you are still mourning summer's end, but take heart. Football season and cooler weather is here, not to mention a plethora of other activities taking place this fall.

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From the Team


Here at RSVP Montgomery, we’re often inundated with boundless information about our city. We use it all to get to know the culture, the food, the watering holes, the people and the best places to shop and pass the time, all with a mindful eye toward the finer points and how we can package them for our readers.

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The Girls-MAY 2012


It’s unanimous with the girls at RSVP… this is the best season of the year!

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The Girls-MARCH 2012


Some say that “luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If that is true, you will love this issue full of advice and helpful tips that will prepare you for when opportunities strike.

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