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Off the Chain...Brunch Spots


Montgomery is a city full of culinary talent providing locals with incredible dining experiences. While dinner often steals the spotlight, who doesn’t love a good brunch? Nothing is better than meeting up with friends over delicious food and bottomless mimosas to discuss the week’s events. We selected our favorite brunch spots based on menu variety, originality and atmosphere -- and boy was the research fun! These restaurants are locally owned and operated, or as we like to call them... Off The Chain.

Vintage Year


Tucked away in the Old Cloverdale entertainment district is a rare gem that has a long history of offering fine dining to the River Region. Vintage Year first opened as the Chophouse at Vintage Year in 1984, and after closing for a season, was reopened by new owners Derk Lyerly and Jud Blount on January 5, 2016. In addition to dropping Chophouse from the name, the owners have also changed the philosophy of the restaurant—creating a new history in the process.

Let's Get Cooking


What’s the last thing you’d expect to do at an appliance store on a Tuesday night? If you answered, “ eat a perfectly cooked steak prepared by a local chef,” well, chances are that I would have agreed with you...until recently. I had the pleasure of being a willing student at a cooking class hosted by blogger and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Stacey Little, held in the demonstration kitchen of the beautiful AllSouth Appliance showroom.

Healthy in a Hurry


We’ve all heard the saying, "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips." But enjoying your favorite savory treats doesn’t have to come with the extra guilt. Gone are the days of sacrificing flavor for results. This list of healthier menu options from some of our favorite restaurants will help you stay on track when cooking in the kitchen is just not in the cards.



I’ll be the first to admit that when I think of eating while traveling, I usually don’t have high hopes. Having three children, eating on the road conjures images of paper-wrapped burgers and peanut butter crackers. However, the lucky travelers with Auburn as their destination have a special place with four incredible chefs that offers a welcome respite from the usual fast food and chain restaurants.

The A&P Social and Kudzu Noodle Bar


I have a confession to make. I have lived in the Montgomery area for 14 years, and until recently, had never been to the Old Cloverdale historic district. I had no idea what I was missing! The streets are lined with families out for a stroll, friends chatting and folks enjoying good drinks and great food—which is what led me here. Tucked away in The A&P Lofts mixed-use development are two dining experiences that are worth checking out.

The Pub: Deep-Rooted Tradition


In a city teeming with steak and seafood chains, Charles Anthony’s at The Pub is one of only a few locally-owned restaurants that has stood the test of time. The Pub has been a staple in the Montgomerydining scene for decades. And while various owners have left their mark on it, current owner Charles Anthony Kamburis, Jr., has turned it into one of the most successful and thriving restaurants currently in the capital city.

Table Talk: The Southern Bite


As the holiday season inches closer, our social calendars become a bit more hectic. From company parties to gatherings with family and friends, the holidays are filled with places to be and people to see. And there is no doubt that these events, in typical Southern fashion, will center on food. But you don’t have to let that be yet another thing that adds stress to your already busy holiday to-do list. Cooking for your family and friends can be easy and delicious, if you have the right recipes. In my new cookbook, “The Southern Bite Cookbook: More than 150 Recipes for 4 Generations of My Family’s Kitchen,” I share tons of recipes just like that – made from ingredients you probably already have in the pantry. Here are three easy recipes from that cookbook that will help you impress your holiday guests without having to spend lots of time and effort putting them together.