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Liz Vinson
After practicing yoga for seven years and having it completely change her life, Amber Jernigan decided to leave behind the hectic pace of working in real estate to focus on something deeper, more spiritual, and on September 4, 2017, she opened Bombshell Buddha, a yoga studio labeled as a “sacred space for women.” Her classes work to healthe mind, body and spirit, not only for women, but also for young girls through weekly Kids Yoga classes. She wants women to feel united andsupported through the power of yoga, feel the transformative effects yoga has to restore energy, balance and love. Her journey began during a time when days, nights and weekends were consumed with phone calls and appointments, and she wanted to return to a place where she felt centered, at peace. 

“I tossed around the idea of getting certified for a couple of years, but in March, I really committed to it, and the Capital City Club immediately asked me to lead a class,” Jernigan said “It felt like the universe was winking at me. After I completed my training, I didn’t have any designs to open a studio, I only wanted to come back to Montgomery and teach, but I have a small-business mindset from working in real estate, and one day, a friend phoned who let me know of an available space near her. It felt like God was placing me on my path, and I decided to take a leap and open my own studio. Everything was very serendipitous.”
Through that leap of faith, Jernigan, used her unique background to create a space she notes will intensify the bonds between women through being in a space practicing together and sharing their struggles and victories– a space where only the sounds of your breath or peaceful music distract you. Her training, which has greatly equipped her for her new role, allows Montgomery’s women a place to join forces, to come back to a state of love and healing. A place where together, women can feel healthier and more whole. 
“I wanted to give people a unique space to practice and grow, but also to have a lot of fun!” Jernigan said. “I tell my students to absolutely go to other studios and to other teachers as well. We all give a different yoga experience to help you deepen your practice. Because I was trained through Yoga Trekking International with a certification in PranaFlow Vinyasa, my studio is unique to this area. I offer a Kundalini class, meditation circles, Ashtanga and will soon offer prenatal yoga. I also incorporate children’s yoga weekly, we have a Lunar Yoga series, and I am certified in Reiki Energy Healing. The studio is a space where women can gain body confidence, self-awareness and leave behind their anxiety. It’s a healing place where we embrace the hour and don’thave to do anything else.” 
At Bombshell Buddha, you can’t help but feel at home. With a color scheme that is soft and feminine, bamboo flooring and bay windows that open to reveal just the right amount of light, it’s as if you’re seated somewhere far away, secluded from the daily duties that call out to you. Amber wants her classes to be an experience for the senses. And while men are welcome for certain classes, the mission of her yoga studio is to reinforce that positive energy that all women share. For those new to yoga, she is glad to be a new face to introduce a different form of exercise that can shape not only the body, but also the spirit.
“It really is a supportive group,” Jernigan said. “We do offer co-ed classes, but most of my classes personally are focused on women’s issues. Women can connect with their feminine energy. It’s based on what women need, and I wanted the studio to be the right place for all body types. I wanted it to be a positive space, an empowering place, and a place where women can come together and support one another.Yoga is about healing your spirit and your soul, and I’m excited to introduce people to this. For those already involved, I hope it continuesto heal them.”
There certainly is a hype to yoga, some of which doesn’t, in Jernigan’s eyes, get enough credit. But she’s seen the results. She’s seen how people can be affected through practicing yoga, and as Bombshell Buddha gains more clients, she notes the benefits of being in the studio has the potential to reform, even revolutionize lives.
“I’ve had clients say that yoga with me has changed their lives, and forme personally, it absolutely has,” Jernigan said. My husband and I havefour children. Life gets hectic for everyone, people sometimes don’t know how to handle the expectations on them. Yoga has taught me how to process those things we can’t control and to come at everything from a place of love and gratitude.”
Bombshell Buddha is located at 1067 Woodley Road. For more information, call 334.799.0620 or log on towww.bombshellbuddha.comor visit the studio’s Facebook page.

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