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What do Sharpies, New Orleans and the 1970s have in common? They each played an inspiring role in by SMITH’s vibrant 2016 spring collection. A contemporary women’s line of sophisticated, chic dresses and classic day-to-night separates, by SMITH’s founder and designer Smith Sinrod, 30, is celebrating her thirteenth collection with fresh prints, bold pops of color and softer combinations of easy-to-wear ensembles. Smith, Southern born and raised, has always had a knack for art. 

From a young age, her mom encouraged her to experiment with her creativity and that included with her wardrobe.  She says, “I always played around with my own personal style and definitely took risks and chances in how I dressed and in cementing my individuality. In college at The University of Alabama, I really had the ability to explore my artistic side through my own fashion and was fortunate enough to begin creating my own collections with the encouragement of the university’s apparel design program, my family and sorority sisters.” And thus by SMITH was born...
Adding a modern twist to traditional elegance, by SMITH is recognized for the use of Thai silk, vibrant colors and one-of-a-kind patterns, many of which are hand-designed by Smith herself. Launched in Atlanta and relocated to New York City in 2011, by SMITH is proudly manufactured in New York’s Garment District as part of the Made in America Movement. Smith’s line can be found in several upscale boutiques across the county, including Montgomery’s own Painted Pink. 
 Smith and her husband recently moved to The Big Easy, which is where much of the inspiration for the spring collection conspired. She says“This collection really has been influenced by my new home in New Orleans. I’m inspired every day by the vibrant culture and colors found across the city, so expect for my spring 2016 collection to have lots of color. I also have been exploring designing prints with Sharpies and watercolor, so many of my pieces are actually patterns that I hand drew and translated to fabric.”
From the young professional who wants to effortlessly transition from desk to drinks to the mom of three who is meeting friends for dinner, the by SMITH brand attracts a variety of women of all ages and styles. 
I was anxious to know the style guru’s predictions for this year’s trends. Smith says, “This year we will see a lot of 70s inspired pieces; earthy colors mixed with bold primary colors and lots of flared pants.”
 Part of by SMITH’s charm is Smith’s involvement in the whole process. “No day is the same, which is something I love. Some days I am completely focused on painting and designing new prints for an upcoming collection, and other days I am coordinating with stores that carry the line and the factory in New York where my clothes are actually made. I oversee all aspects of the brand from concept to creation and everything in between, so I definitely wear many hats,” she says. 
These photos are a small assortment of looks from the spring collection; be sure to visit for more, and look for the 2016 fall collection releasing this August!

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