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Camp Bow Wow "Happy Campers Unite"


Kelly Baughman

Camp Bow Wow, Montgomery’s newest premier doggy dare care, is here and is sure to keep even the pickiest of tails wagging. This upscale, 8,500 square-foot compound offers daily doggy day care, premium boarding facilities, grooming and more to make your best friend’s stay a vacation while you’re away. 

Owners Lauren and Jeff Gold’s vision started as a passion for animals and big dreams. “We were living in Savannah at the time and we were talking about what we would do if we hit the ridiculously large Powerball lottery that was going on at the time. My husband said he would open a place for dogs where they could have the best care and roam freely throughout the day, and we realized we didn’t have to win the lottery to do that,” Lauren said. 

After moving to Montgomery and learning about the needs of area pet owners, the Golds decided to open their own Camp Bow Wow franchise. With over 180 locations all over the United States, Camp Bow Wow is part of VCA Inc., a leading animal healthcare company with over 700 animal hospitals in the US and Canada. Lauren said the Montgomery location will feature a staff certified in first aid and animal CPR, and owners can feel at ease with access to the multiple cameras throughout the facility at any time. 

Dogs are separated according to size and temperament, and have the freedom to run, jump and play all day with their four-legged peers in five indoor/outdoor play yards from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  If staying overnight, owners can choose from one of the 64 “cabin” style rooms that feature private quarters, blankets and a cot, or one of the 11 upscale 6x8 suites complete with a TV so your best furry friend never feels alone or misses their favorite Animal Planet shows. Live camper cams allow you to monitor your fur baby right you’re your phone. 

Camp Bow Wow is located at 3712 Malcolm Drive in Montgomery, and Lauren said it was fate and perhaps a little divine intervention that led them to the perfect location. “We had been searching for quite a while to find the perfect place.  We knew we needed the outdoor space on the land and also wanted to find a building that would suit our needs and allow us room to grow. We had almost given up when we came across the land at Taylor and Malcolm. The minute we saw it, we knew this was the spot. We really feel like God brought us to this location, and we know it was meant to be.” 

And while Lauren said construction has been stressful, the whole process has been exciting and incredibly rewarding. “We are so excited to provide a service that we feel no one else is bringing to the table in Montgomery. We aim to provide your pet with the best care and make them WANT to come to Camp Bow Wow because it’s fun for them,” she said. 

Pricing at Camp Bow Wow is an all-inclusive package that provides everything your dog needs.  The Golds hope to be adding in-home pet care in the upcoming future, perfect for those pups who need care but can’t handle the stress of being boarded or groomed outside of their comforting surroundings. 

Camp Bow Wow is now open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. “We wanted to be open seven days a week because we realize that sometimes our schedules are packed and we don’t want to be away from our dogs any longer than we have to. We provide two windows on Sunday to pick up if boarding, and we stay open later than most doggy day cares so getting off of work and rushing over in traffic isn’t an issue,” Lauren said. 

And if your pup has medical issues or needs special attention, their certified camp counselors provide individualized attention and tender loving care. With laminated notes for each dog bin, they will know if your pet needs a little broth or peanut butter to entice them to eat while you are away. Other details that go a long way include the commercial dishwasher for optimum sanitization, detailed report cards and the added fire protection sprinklers that weren’t required, but considered important by the owners.  

Camp Bow Wow is so much more than just a dog day care or boarding facility. With so much to offer, Camp Bow Wow is sure to make your best friend one happy camper!   ‚Ä®For more information about Camp Bow Wow and any of its services, or to make your reservation now, visit  

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