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Coupons for Couples


Lindsey Henig
Once you’ve been dating or married for a certain number of years, being creative for Valentine’s Day can prove a bit tricky. We’ve been down the road of roses and wine, a night in an extravagant hotel, dinner and a movie. Ho…Hum…. (Insert yawn).

So this year we decided to recommend something for your special someone that’s a little more homemade. I’m not talking construction paper hearts, but rather something that will feel like an absolute treat. Since we’re in the age of extreme couponing, we felt it only appropriate to bring that into the most romantic day of the year! Here are a few suggestions for coupons for him, and some for her too, that will give a little something special to the day on which you choose to redeem each one. It’s the perfect way to help stretch Valentine’s Day and keep that love flame-a-flickering!

For Him

  • Man movie: Let’s face it, every time you hit the Rave it’s a chick flick. Just this once, grin and bare it through the manliest movie in theaters so he can see what he really wanted to watch.
  • Saturday showdown: Let him invite a few of his buddies over for a football, beer and barbeque Saturday. This involves letting him be hands off with kids or around the house duties for long enough to clear the cooler and let the grill cool down.
  • Yard man: ‘Tis the season for massive amounts of leaves and debris to pile up in your yard. Surprise him one weekend by hiring a yard expert to come and detail the lawn so he doesn’t have to. He’ll love getting rid of that honey-do list!
  • Weekend getaway: The one thing most dads crave is guy time. Take the little ones to your parents and sen him off to the lake with his buddies and let him recharge his batteries. I can guarantee he’ll be beating down the door Sunday afternoon to get to the kids!

For Her

  • Dinner duty: What busy mom or wife wouldn’t love an entire week of someone else being on dinner duty? No worrying with groceries or recipes for just one week does a world of good for us moms.
  • Car wash, detail and fill up: As simple as it sounds, there is something about a clean car (inside and out) that makes you feel like you can face the week with confidence! Get her week started off on the right foot with a car that can drive to work, ballet and soccer practice looking sparkly and new!
  • Preschool pickup: Why is preschool only four short hours?! It’s amazing what more a mom can get done if someone else could pick up and bring home that busy preschooler. Take your lunch break to bring them home for a week straight, and watch every chore on her list get crossed off.
  • Saturday to herself: Whether you’re a working mom or the CEO of your own household, you’re working harder than you ever have trying to balance it all. Letting her out of all those duties for just one day of the week will refresh her like an entire week’s vacation can. So take the kids to the zoo for the day, and let her relax. 

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