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This project is completely a not-for-profit volunteer group. Tatum says, “Everything we do is for the betterment of our communities, our winners, their platforms, Children’s Miracle Network and to give scholarships to young women across the state. I take pride in my girls being well versed in service and having a servant’s heart.” The Miss Tri County scholarship preliminary is a part of the Miss Alabama/Miss America organizations. The winners of the Miss Tri County and Miss Tri County Outstanding Teen titles will have wonderful opportunities to use their talents and speaking abilities to promote the Miss Tri County, Miss Alabama and Miss America organizations, while meeting new people throughout the community. They will go on to represent the Tri-County area at the state competitions each year.

Miss Tri County plays a vital role toward community service and community engagement. With the help of local businesses and like-minded individuals, more scholarships can become readily available for young women in Alabama. All scholarships are mandated to go toward higher education and student loans. Miss Tri County continues to promote involvement within the community for sponsorships toward a great cause. On behalf of the competitors, they would be honored to make appearances to support local business donors. The Miss Tri County Board greatly appreciates all sponsorships. Smith says, “Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to host the Miss Tri County and the Miss Tri County’s Outstanding Teen scholarship preliminaries.”

Troy University senior MaryBeth Moore is the 2019 winner of the Miss Tri County preliminary. On July 27, 2018, she was crowned Miss Tri County. Her social impact initiative is “For Greater Bands-The Importance of Music Education.” MaryBeth says, “Serving as Miss Tri County has absolutely been a dream come true! I am blessed to have the opportunity to represent three amazing counties at Miss Alabama during the first week of June at the Wright Center at Samford University’s campus. I have enjoyed getting to know the communities I represent, and I especially love being able to host events in the Tri County area. I encourage any girl who is eligible to participate to compete in Miss Tri County 2020 on August 3, 2019, at Prattville High School. Not only will you receive scholarships and earn the opportunity to compete for Miss Alabama, but you will be joining a family like no other. Being Miss Tri County is the most fulfilling experience, and I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

MaryBeth will be candidate #41 in the Sigma group at Miss Alabama. She credits her success to having supporting individuals, such as the board of directors, to pour into her every day. As a competitor, she feels loved and honored to be their titleholder. Her humble and gracious heart has afforded her a fulfilling experience that she is extremely grateful for.

With new initiatives on the horizon, Tri County is making tremendous strides during their second year. Smith says, “We added a teen component this year, and our winner, Sarah Beth Huntley, did really well at state in March. She was top 20, overall scholastic winner and Miss Congeniality. She was awarded over $93,000 in-kind scholarships and cash (full tuition to the University of Alabama and University of Montevallo). I am extremely proud of both my competitors, known as #teambeth.”

Recently, Tri County hosted and held their first-ever Miss Blossom Pageant (a beauty walk) for ages 3-18 in five categories. Out of that age group, seven Miss Blossoms held titles in their division. This spectacular event will occur every spring. Also, on May 4th, the Tri County Family will be hosting a Derby Party. They’ve also hosted a tap intensive at Centre for Performing Arts in Prattville, and they will be returning on May 5th for another one, this time for both tap and jazz.

They are inviting the entire River Region and surrounding counties to join them as they kick off yet another exciting event. Tri County is looking forward to their continued growth as a preliminary and the opportunities to give back to the community.

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