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Liz Vinson
You have sixty minutes. Sixty minutes to find clues, solves puzzles and riddles, and escape. ESCAPOLOGY, a new interactive gaming experience that opened in Montgomery on May 10th, is bringing people together as they act like sleuths, like Sherlock Holmes doing his best investigative work to break out of Budapest or Hong Kong. 

The catch is, you and your team are on the clock. An hour is the maximum amount of time you have to make your escape. Can you do it? A lot of people have found they can, and a lot of people have found ESCAPOLOGY to be an experience that joins them together as families or employees. The premise is simple: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work as team, gathering in a group to work out a "whodunnit" scenario and break free of your location. With six themed rooms ranging in difficulty, ESCAPOLOGY is the place to be to test your wit and your skills as a problem solver. Its not only a good time, ESCAPOLOGY also works as a bonding experience – one where colleagues, parents and children, or friends can work with one another toward the same goal – to get out. 
"ESCAPOLOGY has put in a lot of time and energy to make sure its an experience where you get lost, and you really do," said General Manager Miles Smith. "It works really well for team building, and companies come here to bring people together. Corporate team building is huge. One of our larger markets is the team building experience. Employees are put in a room, and they have fun. They let their guard down very easily. Families also come in and forget about the arguments at home."
After you pick your room, youre locked in. For the beginner, Smith recommends "Cuban Crisis" or "Antidote," and for the best detective, or for those not afraid of the ultimate challenge, rooms like "Budapest Express" or "Shanghaied" are where the real private eye work comes in. Once inside, youll feel as if youre there – in Budapest or in Hong Kong, trying to escape a train or an 800-ton Chinese ship. The rooms are designed with precise detail, making you and your group feel as though you have slipped back in time, to another country or another period in history. 
"With 'Budapest Express,' youre a detective in 1931 on a train from France to Budapest, and you truly feel like youre on a train car during that time," Smith said. "Its chic and over the top; everything is designed to be very time-sensitive, making you feel like youre somewhere else, but the goal is to escape back to Montgomery, Alabama."
ESCAPOLOLGY isnt a game for children. It isnt a game for adults. Its a game for everyone. There is no right age to play, and for an hour, while you and your group scour for clues, youre engrossed, transported back in time or somewhere far away while you fight your way back home. 
"Adults come to ESCAPOLOGY and think its for kids," said Smith. "Kids come and think its for adults. But truthfully, there is no demographic. Its a unique gaming experience in a challenging atmosphere. Ive even seen a blind man complete one of the challenges. ESCAPOLOGY is a place where people or businesses come together and build cohesion among each other." 
Aside from the themed rooms, ESCAPOLOGY has a virtual reality gaming center, and Smith notes that the space can also be used to book corporate events or Christmas parties. From customized packages to corporate team building, ESCAPOLOGY offers a reason to come together; this isnt your usual night out. 
"ESCAPOLOGY isnt like anything else in Montgomery, and you see that right away," Smith said. "Our employees range from magicians, to graphic designers, and from the lobby to the private room, its an amazing space. We want people to leave ESCAPOLOGY with a smile on their face."
For more information, visit or call 334.523.1947. For ten percent off your first visit, mention RSVP Magazine.

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