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Favorite Issues from the Past Decade


Peyton Flowers
The past 10 years have brought a lot of exciting moments for our city and the RSVP team. Looking back at past issues is like going back in time, a trip down memory lane reminding us of all the fun we’ve had, progress we’ve made and the people who make putting this little magazine together worth it – YOU! Since each issue is a labor of love, itwas hard to narrow down our favorites, but we managed to do it. Here are five of our favorite issues from the past decade.

1. May/June 2009 “What’s Up Downtown”
Before downtown Montgomery became the booming entertainment district we love today, there were run-down buildings filled with potential. This issue was released at the peakof the development of downtown’s entertainment scene, and the cover story highlights the openings of now-favorite businesses such as SaZa, AlleyBAR, 129 Coosa and Dreamland BBQ. 
2. August 2011 “Ultimate Man Guide”
The very first of our special edition issues, the “Ultimate Man Guide,” is special because it is our one-and-only issue dedicated solely to men. It is chock-full of content covering everything frommen’s fashion, health issues and bar etiquette. The list of “25 Things a Man Should Never Do (on this planet)” will have every female nodding her head, and the “Bucket List” feature is something every man should read. Let’s hear it for the boys!
3. Mar/April 2014 “The Spirit of Cloverdale"
Capturing the old-world charm of the Old Cloverdale district, this issue highlights non-chain, locally-owned hot spots such as El Rey, the Capri Theatre, Derk’s Filet & Vine and more, gives a history of Huntingdon College, and shines a light on legends of the community in the “Faces of Cloverdale” feature.
4. March/April 2013 “Just Keep Smiling with Giuliana & Bill Rancic”
We’ve met a lot of fine people through this magazine, but it’s notevery day you get to interact with world-famous celebrities. Television personalities Giuliana and Bill Rancic presented at a local charity event and RSVP had the pleasure of featuring the couple and the event. While we’ve had our fair share of diva-drama in the past, the Rancics were the sweetest to work with. Meeting them at the Just Keep Smiling event was a highlight for the RSVP team! \
5. March/April 2015 “50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Movement”
In 2015, the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement, there were many tributes to our city’s role in the Movement. This issue was dedicated to the courageous individuals and events that changed history. The cover story features a timeline of the civil rights struggle and the vibrant cover art is a collection of scenes that were painted by Sunny Paulk on a mural displayed on Lee Street. There’s also a feature on Barrett Bailey, Rob Minervini andJon Cook, the artists behind the two metal sculptures placed at the beginning and end of the National Historic Civil Rights Trail. You can view their work both on the corner of Fairview Avenue and Oak Street and in the 5-Points area roundabout at Montgomery and Clayton Street.

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