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Flavor Meets Friendship


Amanda Shaw
This was not your typical Monday night dinner, nor did it end in our usual banter. While our group is no stranger to bold and savory characters, we joined together for a tasting at the Vintage Olive in Peppertree Shopping Center to learn how to amp up the usual suspects in any meal. 

 Encircled by more than 55 bottled varieties of gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegar, we circled around one large table to try each course of the meal prepared by owner Ed Gannon. Ed and his wife Carly opened the Vintage Olive after traveling the world together and discovering a love for the blends of culinary flavor. 
 We first enjoyed the grilled shrimp, mushrooms and onions perfectly marinated in Harissa Olive Oil andItalian Herbal sea salt, while dipping freshly-made bread into the Tuscan Olive Oil and Lavendar Dark Balsamic oils. This interactive feast continued as Ed presented the grilled, bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin featuring Red Apple Dark Balsamic with Herbes de Provence Olive Oil drizzle. 
 Next we tried the salmon, which much to our delight was prepared in two ways. The first of the filletsshowcased the Maple Balsamic and Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a hand-blended Coffee BBQ Seasoning Blend. This show-stopper sent our taste buds upstream until we caught the next bite of salmon, marinated in Blueberry Balsamic and Toasted Walnut Oil with Italian Herbal sea salt. 
 The accompaniments included parmesan mashed red skin potatoes with garlic olive oil, Italian Herbal sea salt and black truffle Oil. The slow-cooked lima beans simmered in Wild Mushroom Sage Olive Oil quickly sparked a lively conversation about these better-than-grandma’s-tasty legumes. And that’s the thing about bringing a group together to try something new.  We came for food and fellowship and gained an experience. We had a co-ed conversation about lima beans. 
 With my reasonably priced Tuscan Olive Oil and Blueberry Balsamic purchase in tow, I left our shared table with a shared enthusiasm for the Vintage Olive.

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