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Anna Shay wasden
Fly Aerial Studio is the ideal place in Montgomery for all things ground and aerial yoga. Kimberly Sabel, owner and instructor of Fly Aerial, noticed a need for aerial yoga in the River Region. After receiving her certification in Aerial Yoga in Charleston, South Carolina, Kimberly came back to Montgomery to open her dream studio. ͞Well I’ve always wanted to be in the circus, haven’t we all?͟ Since opening her doors in December of 2016, Kimberly’s life has been a circus in more ways than just her poses on a fabric. Her busy schedule does not leave much room for downtime. But, Kimberly would not have it any other way.

When I first arrived at Fly Aerial Studio, I immediately imagined my experience as a one-way ticket to the Emergency Room. The delicate silks hanging from the ceilings looked like they would barely hold a child up, much less a recent victim of the Freshman Fifteen. The research I did before my arrival showed upside-down women, contorting themselves into pretzel-like positions. As someone who cannot even touch her toes, I began to hatch a series of escape plans after my arrival. Kimberly quickly distracted me from my fear with her bubbly personality. She greeted each of my classmates and mewith a high five and a smile.

Newcomers, don’t be afraid. Kimberly has 65 hours of aerial training under her belt in addition to being a 200 hour-registered yoga teacher – she has clocked in 400 hours of teaching time! If her experience still does not comfort you completely, Kimberly promises any of her students that she will be right behind them the entire time if they need assistance. From helping you reach that foot that seems so far away to giving you a little extra push into your somersault, she is not afraid to help you in your weaknesses. Each person has their own unique strengths and struggles...but those struggles should not stand in the way of your enjoying the class. ͞This is supposed to be fun, don’t take yourself too seriously.͟ Kimberly enjoys goofiness and loves when a class can giggle at their tiny mistakes.

After the initial stretches and basic poses, my classmates and I finally got to what Kimberly deems ͞the fun stuff.͟ Kimberly demonstrated the Pigeon Pose, gracefully flipping over in the fabric and grabbing her right foot in a stretch. My eyes widened with amazement, but also disbelief. There was absolutely no way my gymnastic-dropout self was going to be able to pull that off. Thankfully, Kim was right beside me, instructing me the entire way. When it came to reaching back for my foot, my self-doubt began to take over. Kimberly’s can-do attitude replaced my fears; she had no reservations about grabbing my foot and pushing it toward my hand. I had done it! That pose that seemed so impossible, was made possible by the simple encouragement of Kimberly. My self-satisfaction was immediately rewarded with a few pictures to prove my newfound athleticism to my entire family.

My favorite part about my job is getting to help people see their inner child every day.͟Kimberly thrives on seeing faces light up in astonishment at what her students have accomplished. She assures that aerial yoga is for all shapes, sizes, and genders. Her aerial silks have no weight limit and can be quickly adjusted to any height. A background in traditional yoga is not necessary to enjoy aerial yoga, but ground yoga enthusiasts will find her courses especially instructive as they learn more about their poses and body. Aerial yoga is particularly beneficial to those with joint and back pain as they can stretch while the fabric holds most of their weight.

My first aerial yoga experience came to an end with the Corpse Pose. Kimberly sprayed each of us with Eucalyptus oil. My classmates and I rested in our hammocks for 15 minutes, rewarding ourselves for a class well-done. My experience of a lifetime was over, but I assured myself it would not be the last time I found myself intertwined in those aerial silks.

Price packages can be found on the studio’s websites, Kimberly suggests a walk-in session to any skeptics out there. After the class and initial flat fee, Kimberly recommends discussing the package options with her to choose one that is just right for you. Aerial circus classes with new apparatuses and new skills are coming soon. Check out Fly Aerial Studio on Facebook and Instagram for even more information. ͞Come try me out. I promise that anyone can do it!͟

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