RSVP Montgomery

From the Team


Kim Traff
Here at RSVP Montgomery, we’re often inundated with boundless information about our city. We use it all to get to know the culture, the food, the watering holes, the people and the best places to shop and pass the time, all with a mindful eye toward the finer points and how we can package them for our readers. As the summer months approach and life begins to slow to a manageable pace for discovering (or, in some cases, rediscovering) the best of Montgomery, we decided to use this issue to emphasize our beautiful Riverfront and all it offers. We put extra effort into our photo to show you the Riverfront activities we are passionate about.

In other sections, we share some of our favorite restaurant dives, must-have gadgets and toys, as well as bold and bright fashion ideas for summer soirees. We’re sharing the goods on what you’ll need, want and have to have, from good food to fashion and activities.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed assembling it. We’ve dedicated ourselves to celebrating the season—and, in the process, the city itself.

Stay cool!

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