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Fur Friendly Field Trips


When Fido just cannot seem to stay on the couch any longer, leash up your pups and check out these pet-friendly spots in Montgomery! Enjoy our city’s fall air while keeping man’s best friend close to your side. Studies prove that having a dog close by not only provides companionship but can also help lower your blood pressure. What better way to help your health and spend time with your pet?

AviatorBAR Well-behaved dogs are warmly welcomed on the patio of the bar that pays homage to our city’s rich aviation history. The artifacts, memorabilia and replicas of aircraft through the ages make this spot one of the coolest in town, but we also love their copious collection of beer, wine, cocktails and libations. Doggies never have to pay a cover, although they need to be at least 21 dog years and up. A water bowl and dog treats are on site to make sure your best friend feels welcome at the party! Located at 166 Commerce Street, AviatorBAR is open Monday - Saturday from 3pm until.  

Harvest Jam This may not be an everyday opportunity for your fur friend but everyone needs a field trip. The Shoppes at East Chase have a fun, pet-friendly event complete with live music, food & artist market, craft beer and food trucks. This fall-themed event provides the perfect spot to enjoy the change in the crisp afternoon air. Harvest Jam will be held at the Shoppes at East Chase on October 27 from 11am - 2pm. Enjoy this fun outdoor event while your precious pup gets their daily dose of exercise. 

Vintage Café Cloverdale’s new café is as hot as its coffee. With a convenient space on the outside patio to hook leashes, any pooch can enjoy the area safely. As the crowd grows in the afternoon, your happy hound will find every opportunity to meet new friends. Vintage Café is located at 416 Cloverdale Road and is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5p.m. Stop by to cozy up with a great cup of Joe and your favorite canine friend. 

Goathaus Biergarten  The beer garden and restaurant overlooking downtown Montgomery is ideal for residents looking to enjoy a meal with a beautiful backdrop. The outside areas include picnic tables and the back porch gives any pup a nice spot to relax and unwind. Goathaus aims to provide a welcoming experience to humans and animals alike. Goathaus Biergarten is on 532 Clay Street and is open in the evening Wednesdays through Fridays and for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy a brew with your bud! 

The Tipping Point Hampstead Living offers a variety of family-friendly outdoor spots. The Tipping Point in particular, with its beautiful backdrop and open grass spaces, will give any canine room to roam. The full bar and delicious eats will have pet owner’s wanting to hang around all night, but don’t forget the pet treat jar at the entrance for your baby! The Tipping Point is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located at 5015 Hampstead High Street. 

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