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Have you seen my etiquette?


Kim Traff
Your frayed jeans and crop top might go out of style, but one thing is for sure- using proper etiquette won’t. The word etiquette often conjures up images of women drinking tea and learning to properly set a table; however, for the modern lady, there is basic etiquette we need to practice. So if your mother didn’t teach you, here are some tips to keep you classy, gracious and respected.

1. Mind your manners – not theirs.
Nothing is better than good manners. You will never offend anyone for saying please and thank you or not having a potty mouth. With that said, having manners also includes putting up with the lack of manners in others. Some people truly don’t know any better and making a harsh expression, being defensive or talking bad about them to your girlfriend is not becoming. The word gracious has been defined as Dzmarked by kindness, characterized by charm and generous in spirit. A lady with good manners should always be gracious towards those who aren’t. Lead by example. 

2. Stash the phone
Texts, emails and social media consume most of us but it’s the absolute worst to be out with a friend who won’t put down their phone. When you’re out to dinner or spending time with someone, put down your phone and look at them. This rule should go without saying, but we all forget. Older generations find it much more disrespectful to have a phone out than our generation does, so in this case, keep your phone completely out of sight and create some true quality time.
3. To post or not to post?
For today’s woman, social media has become an extension of her existence so it should be regarded with similar etiquette guidelines. Do you really want to air dirty laundry or let the world see your temper tantrum? Dozens of filtered selfies, cleavage shots or party pictures has never been respected. Don’t post it if you wouldn’t want your grandma or your future employer to see it. Keep your audience in mind and always update your privacy settings. And until they create a breathalyzer for your phone - don’t drink and post. Avoid this at all costs. Yes, I’m talking to you. 
4. Say yes to the dress (code).
You make think this is a no-brainer but young women today wear things our mothers and grandmothers would have been shamed for. While progression is great, so is class. There are great columns and tips for dressing for all occasions so there is no excuse for missing the boat on this one. And lastly, but a pretty darn important point, if the occasion does allow for Dzsexy,dzyou don’t need a low-cut blouse and a skirt up to your derrière. Pick one or the other and leave something to the imagination. And just like we talked about in manners, don’t bad mouth the girl at the party that missed this lesson. There is clearly something deeper going on so don’t chip away any more of her self-esteem. 
5. Thank’s in the ink!
It’s rude not to thank someone for their help, time or generosity. I’m not talking about texting or writing a Facebook status update. I’m referring to the long-forgotten handwritten card. A handwritten note is always welcome and quite impressive. After a job interview, send a card. After you receive a nice gift, send a card. For certain occasions, like birthdays or grieving, send a card. Making it personal with genuine heartfelt words will make it even more special to the person receiving it.

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