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In life there are many defining moments - your high school graduation and your wedding day to name a few - both of which are commonly photographed. But is there anything more defining than when you welcome your new baby into the world? 

Hello Baby, a team of talented professional photographers, led by Aubrie Moates, knows that the big moments and the little details of birth are treasures you’ll hold dear to your heart forever. Birth is intimate, passionate and ultimately - a love story. 
“Photographing births has been a soul-awakening journey. Witnessing the birth of a baby began to center me. With the miracle of life right in front of my eyes (and lens), all of life's petty worries faded away,” shares Aubrie. 
Birth photography is truly more than delivery room photos; it captures the anticipation leading up to the birth, the family surrounding you, your partner supporting you, your expressions the moment you meet your little one, your baby's first snuggles, weighing, bath, and the siblings meeting their new family member. There are so many emotions, expressions and moments that make up birth. Things are easily forgotten, missed or grow foggy over time, but birth photography is a true documentation of your child's's a story.  
And Hello Baby’s clients are eternally grateful.
“We loved everything about our experience with Hello Baby! Aubrie's talent is remarkable and her sweet personality is so refreshing! She is all around amazing! Aubrie's work and the photos from our birth story are truly priceless! There is no amount of money that could ever replace our precious photos from Edy's birth!” - Ashley and Joseph Williams. 
"I needed the scene surrounding the arrival of our little miracle to be as intimate as possible, with little to no unexpected chaos, since at the time, we had no idea if my battle with cancer was going to ultimately be won. Thanks to Aubrie, we are able to relive every sound, touch, laugh, and tear, that all came flooding together on that most beautiful day, and know that our life was chosen for something so much more than we will ever understand."  - Katie Griffies 

The birth photos are timeless treasures that serve as a portal, taking you back to those emotional, heartfelt moments. 
“When I think of Aubrie with Hello Baby Photography, I think back to 8 months ago as I labored to bring my precious baby boy into this world. I can close my eyes and hear Aubrie almost whispering 'you're ok mama.' Aubrie is truly a mama whisperer. Without her coaching my husband and I, I would not have been able to successfully have a natural childbirth. Her spirit is so calming and pure. With Aubrie by my side, I felt her quiet reassurance. As a first time mom, this kind of support was invaluable. When it's time to start planning for baby number two, my husband and I will meet with Aubrie to ensure she's available to share our birth experience. We are so blessed to have gotten to share the welcoming of our son with a woman with such talent and beauty - both inside and out.” – Mrs. FM Aaron 
“I was always scared of labor and never thought I would want pictures in the delivery room, let alone have them taken by a professional birth photographer. But my first pregnancy was a loss, and as my belly grew with my rainbow baby, I was drawn into the incredible miracle of the birth process. The pictures and videos, capturing the raw emotions and events of labor, birth, and nursing, struck me and I knew I would regret not having my own memories. The moment I met Aubrie, I knew I wanted her at my birth. Not only did she have an incredible eye for these moments and her pictures were gorgeous, but she was such a beautiful person inside and out and she immediately put me at ease. She didn't just give us pictures that we cherish, she also bottled up the magic of that night, giving us the ability to take it out and relive it again and again.” – Brooke K 

Quietly capturing every little detail and emotion, Hello Baby is a fly on the wall of your most important day. 
“I was interested in using a birth photographer, but I was honestly hesitant to invite a stranger in to share this enormously personal experience of first time birth. After meeting with Aubrie in the middle of my pregnancy I had a complete sense of calm and I knew that I would feel comfortable with her on my delivery day. Her personality and presence genuinely put me at ease. Aubrie wholly honored my birth experience. She cared about every single aspect and detail of it. She checked in with me in the weeks leading up to my delivery date. She probably doesn't know it, but she encouraged me through her work for months as I eagerly waited for the unknown. I was attracted to her work because it encompasses integrity and truth. Her photos are an honest illustration of each unique birth. She captured the most precious moments of my life - a gift that my daughter will always have so that she can see, and her daddy and I can remember, what a glorious and celebratory day her birthday is.” - Emily Thomas 
Life-long bonds with each of these families emerged, and not wanting the story to end there, Hello Baby recently added newborn portraiture to their repertoire. And because those first few days and weeks with a newborn can be exhausting, Aubrie and the Hello Baby team have taken out the stress of the experience by offering everything from hair, makeup, wardrobe and professional retouching, so all you have to do is bask in the loving glow of your newest family member. To contact Hello Baby or to view more beautiful, moving photos, visit

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