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Inside Out: We Are The Dream


One of the largest, community-initiated, grassroots art installations in the U.S. was recently completed in downtown Montgomery on the exterior of One Court Square, as well as a variety of other downtown locations. Hailed as a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art, “Inside Out: The People’s Art Project” is a magnificent collection of black-and-white portraits of community members.

The Inside Out team trekked to Montgomery in April to print “We are the Dream” portraits from the photo-booth truck and to oversee the installation. It’s been reported by local organizers and an Inside Out team member that a total of 2,473 individual portraits were printed, making up a temporary art installation created by and for the people of Montgomery to transmit a message hope, human empathy and strength to the world and to one another.

This project has been a community effort, bringing together several locals and organizations. The “papering” installation process was accomplished in three days and many neighbors in the downtown area offered 14 extra wall surfaces to extend the installation’s reach.

Additional installation locations include:

• 121 Montgomery Street

• 100 Dexter Avenue (2 panels)

• 39 South Perry street between Dexter & Monroe Street

• 61-67 Dexter Avenue

• New South Books, 105 South Court Street

• 200 Dexter Avenue, Alabama Power (6 panels)

• 24 South Court Street

The Inside Out truck visited several locations that embody the “dream,” such as Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, The Tribe of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians at MMFA, The Valiant Cross Academy, That’s My Child and Alabama State University. At each location, participants had the opportunity to take their portrait and express what the “dream” meant to them.

The Inside Out project was started in 2011 by internationally-known artist JR, and Inside Out Team Leader Josh Geyer confirmed the “Inside Out: We are the Dream” installation on One Court Square is the largest, single-building truck action in the United States since JR’s Inside Out installation in Times Square in 2013.

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