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Iron Tribe 101


Andy & Peyton Flowers
There are two types of people in this world: those who make working out a priority and those who don’t; but when it comes to working out, two are better than one. Studies show that couples that hit the gym together are more likely to meet their goals, but what happens when your significant other has a completely different mindset than you when it comes to fitness? 

We couldn’t be more different when it comes to our idea of fitness. Our joint trips to the gym have usually ended in disaster, but that all changed when we enrolled in an Iron Tribe Fitness 101 class. Iron Tribe is for everyone and here’s the proof. Read each of our accounts to see how two fitness opposites viewed the same course. 
Having been a member of a CrossFit gym for years, I often wondered what the buzz surrounding Iron Tribe was about. I mean how different could it really be? With curiosity finally getting the best of me, Peyton and I finally decided to give Iron Tribe a fair shot. 
I found that even coming from a CrossFit background, Iron Tribe makes everyone participate in their 101 course, which is a required introductory class where you build the foundation to become a regular member. What is so special about this program is the coaches teach you the correct form for every movement you will experience after 101 is over. This in itself is a huge advantage over other gyms that have the tendency to be somewhat sink or swim. After the first 101 class, I felt like I had learned more than I did in months at a CrossFit gym. 
Along with teaching you the proper technique, Iron Tribe’s highly trained coaches give you a lesson every class on proper nutrition. The coaches focus on the Paleo style of eating paired with a healthy workout routine. Paleo might seem foreign at first, but when Peyton and I started eating like this it was like a light bulb came on for me. I even found out I was lactose intolerant from changing my eating habits. 
At the end of the day, Iron Tribe has been the best fitness experience of my life. They take the time to make sure everyone is informed and on the same page. You get the one-on-one time of a personal trainer with the competitive advantage of participating with a large group. If you are tired of the same fitness routine or feel hopeless when you look in the mirror, I would recommend everyone give Iron Tribe a chance to change your life. 
My view of this type of fitness has been always been tainted by the annoying Instagram posts of ripped palms and weekly meal prep, accompanied by 30 different hashtags about the #paleolifestyle. I have never been interested in this seemingly high-intensity work out and my competitive side usually only comes out at Target on Black Friday. So when we signed up for Iron Tribe’s 101 course, I was not expecting much from myself. 
The only emotion I felt when I first walked into Iron Tribe was sheer terror. I started to sweat before the workout even started. I gave a wide-eyed glance at Andy and I could see it right away...he was already hooked. 
I was eased by the friendliness of the coaches and their knowledge of not only the workout moves but also the nutrition aspect. We received a Fuel Manual that eases you into the recommended Paleo diet and this was so helpful as we changed our eating habits. Over the course, I ordered meals from their Inner Fire Grill, and they were excellent! It was so convenient to pick up my lunch after a workout and know that it was healthy. The focus on eating right and proper movements let me know that Iron Tribe is really all about your well being. 
By the third workout, I could already tell a difference in myself. There are modifications for every move and I gained confidence with each workout. The healthy competition that developed between Andy and I made each class fun, and I’m still bragging about the night I beat him by two reps. 
After the 101 course, I learned that my fear of failure has been standing in my way for too long. I was surprised that I was even able to finish the course and even more surprised by how much I improved from the first workout. If I can do it, Iron Tribe is truly for anyone. 
You don’t have to be a couple to enjoy all the benefits Iron Tribe has to offer. The Tribe becomes your family and is your accountability partner the whole way through. Meeting you at your current fitness level, Iron Tribe will transform you into the best you can be. 334.356.9696. 7927 Vaughn Road.

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