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Dr. Thomas Cawthon and Dr. Michael Bowman established River Region Facial Plastics in Montgomery in 2012. Both physicians are board certified in Ear, Nose, and Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery. They offer a wide variety of services to meet almost any need, including non-surgical options such as Botox® Cosmetic, facial fillers, and chemical peels, and surgical procedures such as facelifts, eyelid surgery, neck liposculpting, ear lobe repair, rhinoplasty, and scar revision. The physicians at River Region Facial Plastics specialize in the latest treatments and cutting edge technology in facial rejuvenation for cosmetic and medical reasons. RSVP spoke to Dr. Cawthon about one of the latest options offered to patients, a product called Kybella™. 

RSVP: We are focusing on your latest product, which I understand is exclusively at River Region Facial Plastics. What is it and how does it work?
Dr. Cawthon: The newest non-surgical addition to our anti-aging arsenal is Kybella™. Kybella™ is the brand name given for the product deoxycholic acid. The FDA released the product in April 2015 and is to be administered/injected by physicians only. Kybella™ is uniquely designed to metabolize fat in the area of the “double chin,” which is medically known as submental fullness, a common, yet undertreated facial aesthetic condition. Submental fullness detracts from an otherwise balanced facial appearance, leading to an older and heavier look, and it can be resistant to diet and exercise. A series of two or three injections is needed for most people who have moderate fullness under the chin. The injections are spaced out over a span of six weeks for each successive injection. The most common side effect after the injection is swelling at the injection site and is typically present for a period of three to four days following the procedure. The procedure is very comfortable as we use lidocaine to numb the targeted injection site. Our very first patient described the procedure as a breeze! Deoxycholic acid is a natural product of the body that specifically metabolizes fat cells in the body, so there are no allergic reactions to the product. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are permanently removed and can no longer store or accumulate fat. The injection of Kybella™ compares very favorably with submental liposculpting and gives an alternative to those who do not wish to have surgery in this region.

RSVP: Who would benefit the most from Kybella™?
Dr. Cawthon: While Kybella™ is great for a younger on-the-go person who often may not be able to afford downtime, Kybella™ is also a viable alternative to surgery for all age groups.

RSVP: What results have you seen on your patients who have elected to have Kybella™injections?
Dr. Cawthon: The results we are seeing thus far have been very gratifying, and even if weight is changing in the rest of the body, this area does not resume its previous appearance after the injection of Kybella™. As is true with any type of treatment, there may be subtle differences in results between patients; however, we have seen a benefit to everyone who has received Kybella™ to date. We do recommend preparing for post-injection swelling the day after (at a minimum), but otherwise we consider this procedure to offer a “no downtime” alternative.

RSVP: What can I do if I am interested in Kybella™ or in River Region Facial Plastics?
Dr. Cawthon: Complimentary consultations are offered at our office so that we may take a look at your concerns and formulate a plan together to meet your budget and your goals. We are so excited to be the only place to offer Kybella™ in the River Region. Please call our office at 334.270.2003 or visit our website for more information.

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