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Ruthie Carlson


Anna Shay Wasden
Some artists are said to be born with a paint brush in hand, and that is certainly true of Ruthie Carlson. She barely remembers a time when art was not a vital part of her life. Growing up, Ruthie’s father owned a printing company. Her relationship with her father and his printing company was the beginning of her love of art. “On Saturdays rather than watching cartoons, I would go with him to the office. He would lead me through aisles and aisles of paper and allow me to collect as much as I could carry in every size and color. Then, he would set me up on a drawing table in their art room with a magnitude of magic markers, pens, pencils, scissors, rulers and more. Every girl’s dream, right? Well definitely mine!”

As a Montgomery artist, Ruthie loves that she is able to give back to her home through creativity. She and Barbra Davis own Studio 1765: a prominent art gallery and studio in Montgomery. The studio is not only a place for Ruthie and Barbara to work, but also a beacon to other working artists in the River Region. “I think being an artist can be a lonely profession, but having Barbara and other women to travel this creative journey together has been immeasurable.” As the studio continues to flourish, they love meeting new people and fellow fans of their work.

Ruthie finds inspiration in every day. Whether it’s beautiful sunrises or gorgeous landscapes, she knows the Lord has created an impeccable canvas where she can find immense imagination. “I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to paint and share my studio with others. My hope is when people visit the studio, that they not only mix a little paint, but that they see Jesus.”

Ruthie is a wife and mother of five. She is proud of the creative upbringing she has given her family; as they all continued with creative hobbies into adulthood. Her family certainly has their gifts: through music, art, calligraphy, and sewing she is able to connect with them not only on a motherly basis, but also an artistic one. She and her husband have owned cattle for the majority of their married life, and they are one of her favorite subjects to paint. When she is not toiling away in the studio, she can often be found spending time on the family’s farm in Ramer, Ala. But she assures us that her paints never leave her side, as the urge to create often comes in her time spent outdoors.

“I can hardly wait to get to my studio every day and try to get even just a few of my ideas on canvas. Some fly and some fail, but it is truly the process that I enjoy the most.” Her mind is constantly filled with new directions and races until she can finally put them to canvas through her work. Along with cows, Ruthie also enjoys capturing flowers and girls in bathing suits and big hats through paint. Her vacations to 30A often end with a rush to get back to the studio and begin working once again.

As she moves forward in her career, Ruthie is passionate about leading painting classes. She believes sharing her love for art with the Montgomery area is a vital piece of her life. “Whether they are painting for the first time or have been painting for 30 years, it is the most satisfying feeling to know that in some small way I have helped nurture someone’s love for painting and have given them the gift of a lifelong hobby and skill.” She believes equipping women with the opportunity to take their skills home is one of the greatest services her classes provide. Ruthie trusts that a day is not complete without paint-ridden hands and a sense of pride for the work she has done.

Commission and inquiries are available through Ruthie’s Facebook page. Her website, offers a look into all still life, figures, and landscapes she has to offer. Her website also offers information about upcoming classes for all skill levels at Studio 1765. The next class available is September 6th, be sure to tag along for connections and creativity. Follow along on Instagram @ruthiecarlsonart as she gives unique tutorials and insights into her art.


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