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Sensational Scents


Kim Traff
Let’s face it - smell sells. We love it when people tell us we smell good, and we talk about people and places that don’t. It’s just important to us. We asked our readers about their favorite smelling products and found some gems.

For your laundry…
Glamorous Wash
Looking for something to make dirty laundry a little more exciting? Look no further. The first time you use Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash will be the last time you ever use anything else on your laundry. Amazing scents float up as you open the dryer door and permeate your entire home. While it’s a little pricy and recommended for delicates and linens, once you smell it you will have a hard time not using it on all your laundry. Available in eight scents and four sizes, mix a few ounces of this with a scent free detergent and be forever changed. If you want a less expensive option, try the dryer sachets that are good for about eight uses! Single ladies… you’re welcome. We call this “man-catcher.” Available at Candle Cabin.

For your skin…
Escentric Molecules
While it comes in a few different versions, I purchased Molecule 2 and within a week, probably received about 30-40 comments about how good or clean I smelled… even coming in from a sweaty day outside. No, really. Escentric Molecules was launched in 2006 by perfumer Geza Schoen, using only one ingredient - a substance that enhances the wearer's natural pheromones. The revolutionary results are cult, unisex products that smell different yet no less delicious on every wearer. Available only at Bella in Montgomery or online at high-end boutiques, Molecule is a showstopper.

For the hair…
Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious
Not only is this line one of the best smelling products we have ever encountered, but the birds nest you’ve been fighting will finally take up refuge somewhere else. Hallelujah!! Add this great product to your daily regimen and you can leave the hair be! While the Curl Conscious line has been around for years, Bumble & Bumble gave it a face lift, adding a few new products and changing the packaging, all while maintaining the intoxicating fragrance and the overall focus on products for curly and wavy hair. Available at Doug’s 2 Salon.

For the home, office and your overall well being…
Young Living Essential Oils
We are all looking for more balance in our life and although essential oils have been around for thousands of years, they are becoming more popular as people are discovering the healing benefits first hand. Young Living’s essential oils are far more powerful and pure than any others. Cultivating their own lavender, clary sage, peppermint and other herbs in Utah and Idaho, Young Living has the most technologically advanced distillery for the production of pure essential oils in North America. Whether used as aromatic diffusion, topical application or dietary consumption, there are hundreds of uses including aid with concentration, healing wounds, soothing sore muscles, neutralizing odors, increasing circulation, fighting germs and illness, overall mental health and peace, and so much more. For more information, email our favorite representative, Elena Littlefield at

For the Hand…
Inis Energy of the Sea Hand Cream
Enriched with sea minerals and hand-harvested seaweed extracts, Inis Energy of the Sea is a clean, unisex fragrance that captures the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean and makes you feel close to the sea - no matter where you are. Made with a concentrated, nutrient-rich blend of shea butter with added argan oil, this product helps nourish and protect hands and cuticles. Your hands will love you for it! If you love it and want to share the energy with your entire body, try the body scrub and body butter. Available in gift sets or individually at Candle Cabin.

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