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Kim Traff
How often do you see a Facebook post with friends looking for recommendations for a reliable plumber, babysitter, graphic designer or some other service? Most people know that searching on the internet will only get us the names of the companies that paid the most to the search engines so we rely on people we know and trust to share their positive experiences in order to reduce the risk of making a bad decision. Let’s face it, none of us want to choose the wrong provider when it comes to our health, home, kids or pets.

Finally, there is a new website in the works that will solve all of these issues. Serquest connects people who need a helping hand with any kind of need or project to the honest, hard-working people who provide quality services at competitive rates. Sign up in one or all three of the areas:

With Serquest, business will come to you without costly marketing schemes and a lot of time out of your busy day. Listing your experience and skills, Serquest can match you to projects in your local community and bring them to you. You review the projects available and submit your bid. You can also access the project database to browse projects, giving you even more control of how your business can grow. Finish a project for a customer, and watch their positive review gain you more trust and more work!

Serquest allows you to easily find and connect with experienced service providers to help you get projects done. Whether it be home improvements, tutoring, or help with planning a major event, the Serquest database is filled with qualified people looking to help out. It also helps support your community. For example, maybe you need a babysitter and someone in the mission group at church responds to your request, and not only do you get a great babysitter but you know the money you are spending is going to support a mission trip and values you support and believe in. Serquest creates efficient communication channels that ultimately build trust and support for our communities.

People already do business with people they know socially or through groups they belong to. However most people don’t know what everyone at their school or church does for a living, and they don’t know all the people those people trust with a key to their house to babysit, fix the air conditioner, or let the dog out. Serquest wants to help everyone live in a community where they feel safe and can trust the people they work with. You can join groups that exist or you can create your own group. You can also filter opportunities you receive and the audience you solicit. For example, you may feel more comfortable with your 15-year-old daughter only babysitting for people within your church group or another community group you belong to.

Serquest will also serve as a way to help others who haven’t had an easy life. Nonprofit groups that support and educate the underprivileged and know those that deserve a second chance can connect them with opportunities for work.

Before you hire a service provider, check the reviews to see what your friends or neighbors say about them. Serquest sorts all reviews based on the friends or members in groups you belong to, in order to give relevance to the reviews. These reviews will bring customers and businesses together creating trustworthiness and a motive to be polite and treat each other fairly.

Visit and sign up today to help build what will soon be the best network ever created!

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