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Shipt...groceries delivered to your door


Angela Hardgrave
You may get some weird looks if you go to your local grocery store in pajamas, but what if the store came to you? Shopping from your comfy couch, waiting for your bread and milk to be delivered to your door—yes, please! One company makes that happen and has now expanded into the River Region. Shipt, a grocery delivery company, makes your dreams come true...if your dreams include having your groceries at your door in about an hour. 

Shipt is a company with Southern roots, founded in Birmingham in 2014 by CEO Bill Smith. It has seen huge growth since then and is now in over 60 cities across the United States. Julie Coop, Shipt’s outreach and events team lead, shared some of the company’s history and philosophy. “Bill Smith started Shipt after he and his wife made a trip to the grocery store with their two young children (you can imagine what a challenge that can be), and as he was dreading going into the store, he had his ‘aha moment,’’ Coop said. 

She continued, “Shipt was founded with core values of convenience and quality, and our shoppers display an unparalleled level of customer service. They’re knowledgeable, friendly and personable. They are the bread and butter of Shipt and we are so proud of them.”

Here’s how Shipt works: first, sign up for a membership, which is $99 per year. Members receive unlimited deliveries for 365 days. Download the app and start shopping! Shipt’s awesome team of shoppers who can, “pick a perfect mango with their eyes closed and navigate 40,000 grocery items faster than you can say ‘organic gluten-free pastry flour,’’’ go the store, select the items on the member’s list, and deliver them to their home or business on the same day. Shipt is adding a new city to their service area weekly, and they plan to be in more than 100 cities by next summer. All of that growth requires a great team of shoppers in each city. 

Coop said, “One of the things we’re most proud of at Shipt is the level of quality our shoppers provide. Not only are they super knowledgeable, but they’re attentive as well. On one of my very first orders, I had a bag of tortilla chips in my basket. My shopper noticed that I had chips, but no salsa or queso. So she asked if she could pick those up for me as well. She went out of her way to make sure that I had exactly what I needed and that my order was shopped exactly the way I would shop it myself. This is the kind of shopper that we hire and they are a huge piece of Shipt’s success!”“

We are always accepting applicants! Our shoppers are our secret weapons, so we’re very selective in whom we hire. We’re looking for shoppers with a good knowledge of the grocery store and a knack for customer service. Applicants undergo a video interview and a background check,” said Coop. 

Coop loves working with Southern-based Shipt. She said, “We’re in the business of helping people out and saving them time! The fact that we’re able to make people happy and that they’re able to spend more time doing what’s important to them makes it all worth it! We love meeting new people from cities all across the U.S., but Alabama does hold a very special place in our hearts. Our Alabama members play a huge role in Shipt’s success. The city of Birmingham and the state as a whole has accepted us with open arms. They’re just as proud of us as we are to be Alabama-bred!” To sign up for Shipt’s grocery delivery program or to apply to be a Shipt Shopper, visit

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