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Snow White


World-renowned choreographer Vadim Fedotov helped the Montgomery Ballet bring “Snow White” to life for multiple performances at Alabama State University’s Leila Barlow Theatre and Greenville High School, entertaining hundreds. Vadim has choreographed in more than 50 different countries with professional ballet companies around the world since bringing his family to Florida from the Ukraine 20 years ago. Presented in two acts, “Snow White” is the classic tale we all know featuring beloved characters and a forest full of dancing animals. Student dancers played the dwarves while Rania Charalambidou played the queen with convincing evilness. Vadim’s daughter, Katerina Ferotova, president and artistic director of Russian Ballet of Orlando, raved about Brandy Carwile who played Snow White with beauty and elegance. Having played this role herself many times, Katerina knows it takes a powerful dancer to pull it off. Thaddeus Morris (“the prince”) and Artistic Director Danny Mitsios (“the huntsman”) both gave incredible performances. Constantly changing from the castle back to the forest where the dwarves were, the set pieces were stunning. While the Montgomery Ballet brought the talent, the ballet’s choreography, sets, costumes and music all belonged to Vadim who graciously offered all at a discounted rate. The Montgomery Ballet is a nonprofit organization and would love your support. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful organization, please contact Danny Mitsios at 334.409.0522 or

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