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Kelly Baughman

When it comes to real estate, sometimes the difference between sitting on the market and sold is as simple as a little shift in perception. That’s where Michelle Gordy Webb with Staged 2 Sell comes in. A trained and Accredited Staging Professional® home stager based in Montgomery, Webb offers services for builders, real-estate agents, private owners and more from the River Region all the way to Gulf Shores and beyond.

So why is staging so important? Webb said properly staging a home, whether vacant or occupied, allows buyers to envision themselves and their life unfolding in the home. “I tell my clients how important it is when selling a home to remove personal items like family photos. It makes the buyer feel like they are invading your space and hinders them from being able to see their own memories being made there,” she said.

In a vacant home, Webb said staging gives prospective buyers the power to see how the space can be utilized. “Some people can’t visualize the space, especially in an open concept. Adding elements like a dining table, couch and accent furniture helps people understand the designated spaces and gauge what their own belongings will look like in the room,” Webb added.

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make when putting a home on the market is clinging too tightly to their own personal style. “While you may love antique furniture or bold-colored walls, you want to keep the space as neutral for buyers as possible. Keeping the home simple and clutter free is important to buyers, whether they know it or not,” Webb said.

So why choose a stager over a decorator when selling your home? Webb answered, “I always say - staging is decorating’s working cousin. It’s not about my furniture, it’s about properly accenting the room. A decorator is looking at the room in a more permanent way. They are going to choose pieces that completely fill the space. I like to choose smaller-scale pieces that give you the defined spaces your eye needs while allowing plenty of room to move around and get a feel for the home.”

Webb added that staging with minimal furniture is important for open houses and events like the Parade of Homes when multiple potential buyers will be in the space at the same time. “Flow is so important for open-house events, especially for those who like to entertain. With multiple people in the home, buyers will feel it if the area is cramped, and that’s a turn off,” she said.

Webb offers free quotes for her services and customizes each project based on the individual’s needs. “I can come in and do a room-by-room stage, a minimal living room, dining and kitchen stage, or I can include bedrooms and even outdoor spaces. It’s completely customizable by the client,” she said.

Her success rate is high and has made a big difference in properties that have been on the market for long periods of time. She said, “I recently staged a new construction home that sat on the market for a year. I came in on a Friday to stage it, and the builder had a contract on it by Sunday. I had another that was on the market for three years, I staged it, and it was sold within a month.”

Webb said that once a home has been on the market for a while, it becomes stagnant and many realtors no longer want to show the home due to lack of interest from buyers. Bringing in a stager breathes new life into the home and can jump-start attention from potential buyers and agents alike.

In addition to staging, Webb offers a wide variety of services that can assist in the home-selling process such as bringing in movers or POD storage for clearing out items during the sales process and assistance with choosing flooring, granite, lighting, paint, cabinets and more. Her skills and experience with hiring contractors and assisting builders can help you navigate your envisioned transformation, whether you’re freshening an older home or completing a newly-constructed home.

For more information on Webb and her Staged 2 Sell services, call 334.235.0291 or visit or check out her pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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