RSVP Montgomery

Sweet Summer Cravings


There's something about warmer weather that really brings out our sweet tooth. Instead of saying “no” to the delicious temptation, revive the kid in you and indulge. From popsicles, ice cream and dessert cocktails, to the natural sweetness from fresh fruit, our favorite sweets are just a craving away. 

Cookie Skillet – The Tipping Point 

Baked to order and worth the wait, this warm chocolate cookie, topped with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate syrup, is out of this world. Perfect for sharing…but you won’t want to!

The Salty Russian - Taste

Any self-proclaimed sweet tooth will find themselves sipping the Salty Russian to the last drop. White Russian fans will go crazy over this caramel take on a classic.

Strawberry Cake – Newk’s

Baked from scratch in their bakery, this six-layer strawberry cake is a Southern showstopper! Available whole or by the slice, every bite will melt in your mouth. Make the deal even sweeter by downloading the Newk’s app to receive special perks.

Pitaya Bowls - Frutta Bowls

Beautifully arranged, visually pleasing and simply irresistible, every pitaya bowl is packed with a base of tropical fruits creating a delicate base for the toppings of your choice. With flavor as incredible as its color, this hot pink fruit has no added sugars or colors so you can indulge guilt free.


A guilty pleasure for the girls here at RSVP, these gourmet popsicles are to die for. Available in fruity or creamy varieties, these fresh, frozen, fun pops come in close to 100 flavors. Pro tip: Take some home and add them to your libations for a more creative date night!


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