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The Dynamic Duo


Kim Traff

While working out is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, excuses to avoid it come pretty easily to many of us. Personal trainers Terry and Jennifer Biddy do a fantastic job working with their clients to tailor the most impactful diet and exercise to maximize the results they want achieved. They understand that being your trainer means being your coach, friend, motivator and educator who will push you through the hard days and celebrate with you when you accomplish your goals.

Just walk through their gym on any given day and talk to a few of their members. Take Eric, for example, who with Terry’s help was able to lose over 100 pounds, reverse his diabetes and lower his high blood pressure. He went on to compete in a body building competition, something he never imagined doing. Or talk to Randy, who transformed his physique from overweight to lean and mean before becoming a trainer himself and opening a new gym in Florida. On every weekday morning, you will find Gayle working out before she heads to work. With Jennifer’s help, Gayle has transformed her body into something she never thought possible and looks the best she ever has.

Terry and Jennifer treat their members like family; and they are committed to making sure each client has a positive experience while reaching their goals. Whether you want to lose weight, need contest preparation, are fighting a medical diagnosis or just want to tone up in order to look and feel your best, Terry and Jennifer will provide you with the encouragement, education and motivation you need to make it happen.

Call this dynamic duo today and make 2014 your year!

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