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The G Spot


Brian Richardson
We live in a culture that is infatuated with unsolved mysteries and uncommon phenomenon. There are countless books and movies about things like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, UFOs and the list goes on and on.  We hear about something odd or unique and it becomes mystified in our minds. Careers can be created out of nothing and experts named for things that may have no basis in reality. The public becomes consumed by the idea and it becomes part of our culture.
Ernst Grafenberg created an interesting concept that has penetrated our minds and perhaps our bodies. Before you continue to read, think about his name. Do you know his contribution to society? You may identify him as German, based on the spelling of his name. There is no doubt that Germans have invented some pretty amazing and useful things. For example, the automobile- that was certainly a world changing invention.  Aspirin was perhaps one of the greatest inventions for modern medicine and it was discovered and created in Germany. Did you know the Easter Bunny originated out of Germany? Now, Mr. Grafenberg may not have invented or discovered such a pragmatic or practical idea, but he was the person who first described what is commonly called the “G-spot”. Dr. Grafenberg worked as a gynecologist and he first described an erogenous zone in females that could be stimulated during sexual activity and could perhaps improve sexual pleasure.  

There is an ongoing debate about the real existence of such a distinct area within the female body. I certainly love a good debate and this one has some pretty smart people on both sides of the argument, unlike the “is a hotdog actually a sandwich” debate.  When it comes to the hotdog- I don’t eat processed meat, so that is a lot less important to me.  Some men and women do like to explore their bodies and some may find the so called “g-spot”, but I don’t want you to think you are abnormal if you don’t. A healthy sexual relationship should not hinge on the man being Indiana Jones and in search of the magical Lost Ark.  

If you are curious, and most of us are… there is a simple map to find that sacred spot.  You won’t find it an anatomy book, nor will someone pass it down to you like a family secret to be entrusted only to you. But if you follow these simple steps…. Shame on you!  You should know that I can not describe in such detail how to find this spot in RSVP magazine in Montgomery, Alabama. I trust that if you are interested, and it does actually exist, you will put in the time and effort with your mate. If you don’t find it, you both may enjoy the hunt!  

Dr. David Matlock has certainly capitalized on curiosity. This doctor is a gynecologist practicing in a place known best for humility and modesty, Beverly Hills, California. He pioneered the G-Shot back in 2002.  Based on his expertise, for the cost of around $2,000, he can inject a commonly used substance called Hyaluronic Acid into your self-reported erogenous area. He coined the term, “G-Shot” to his curious clientele. This is an office based procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. The initial data released by him reported an approximately 87% improvement in sexual stimulation by his female patients. The injection is reported to increase sexual arousal and gratification by increasing the surface area of the spot. His injection last for approximately 3-5 months before needing to be repeated. The procedure is considered cosmetic and not endorsed by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology or the FDA, but it goes to show that people are naturally curious and interested in learning ways to enhance their sexual experience with their partner. 

Here is my opinion, whether the G-spot exist or not is irrelevant. When sex becomes focused on finding hidden eggs or looking for mysterious parts, you lose the whole pleasure experience. Partners who are in tuned with each other don’t have a problem satisfying each other. One of my favorite movie quotes goes something like this, “sex is like eating Chinese food, its not over until everybody gets their fortune cookie”.  

Dr. Brian Richardson is Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Jackson Hospital and Clinic

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