RSVP Montgomery

The Girls-MAY 2012


Kim Traff
It’s unanimous with the girls at RSVP… this is the best season of the year! The time of year when the structure of the school year no longer reins us in. The time of year when things happen off-schedule and a sudden jaunt to grab drinks with a friend at SandBAR or run to the beach is a perfectly natural impulse.
Our feature story highlights the most popular and controversial story, Henry VIII, at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Where else can you get a little bit of sex, violence, death, a history lesson and political commentary all in one evening? You can still catch a show until May 20, so get that date night on the calendar!
If you’re looking for some outdoor activities where both children and adults can enjoy this beautiful time of year, this issue is filled with ideas. The Flimp Festival, Zoo Brew, All Star Food Festival, Montgomery Watercross, Riverwalk Pub Crawl, Hampstead Hop and Jubilee CityFest are just a few of the awesome events and festivals taking place right here in Montgomery.
Our special edition bridal issue 2012 was so much fun to publish, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from readers. Don’t forget to pick up a copy... it’s one of our best issues yet.
In closing, the girls here are RSVP have just one piece of advice—get out and embrace the season! It’s the Spring of 2012, and it will only happen once.

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