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The Single Side of the Season


Single Suzy

The buildup to the holiday season begins early; that’s for sure. And if you’re used to being part of a pair strolling arm-in-arm through a winter wonderland, facing this time of year as a single person can really throw a wrench in your ho-ho-ho. The days ahead may seem anything but merry and bright.

Instead of having a pity party, maybe as singles we should focus on what we have — friends, family, colleagues --- and enjoy those relationships to the max.  Renewing contact with old friends that you’ve lost touch with may provide a special holiday gift for both of you.

If even after that tidbit of encouragement, you are still bitter because Santa hasn’t delivered Mr. or Mrs. Right…here are a dozen ways to celebrate your single status with your glass half full:

1. If you can’t sing, but love to sing those really good-bad Christmas songs at the top of your lungs, sing them. No one’s around to be turned off.

 2.  You don’t have to share the remote… watch whatever you want, as loud as you want.

3. The only family you are obligated to see is the one you are related to. 
Nothing can ruin a holiday quite like walking on eggshells around potential future in-laws or worrying you might snore on the couch after the big turkey dinner.

4. You can eat and drink whatever you want because you don’t need to worry about someone feeling your love handles.  So stop eyeing that gingerbread house and eat it already.

 5. You can take the money you will save by not having to buy a significant other a present and get yourself something awesome.  I mean, think of all the boots you can buy at year-end sales.

6. You don’t have to pretend not to be disappointed when your significant other doesn’t get you what you wanted.  Lord have mercy, sometimes it’s like they never knew you at all!

7. You can avoid spending money trying to find that killer outfit for date night.  Go ahead, repeat outfits or wear that oversized sweater with a deer scampering across your chest.  It can serve as birth control.

 8. You don’t have to feel bad if you drink too much and aren’t up for hanky panky or spooning, nor do you have to do the walk of shame in the freezing cold.

 9. Over half of the people in a relationship wish they were single, so this year you can watch people look at you green with envy.  I mean, they don’t have to know that it isn’t as glorious as it looks.

 10.  You can dominate at work without the distraction of a significant other.  When your boss needs someone to work late or travel, you can step up to the plate without having to run it by your significant other.

 11. You don’t have to try to impress everyone with your cooking skills. This year, you can load your freezer full of frozen food packages and there will be no one there to judge you.

 12. You can focus on promoting yourself when out at holiday parties stag.  Mingle your little heart away without feeling guilty for neglecting your date.

 So if you are single this season, embrace your status and choose to spend time with people who will embrace it with you. 

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