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Meg Lewis

There are plenty of great fitness instructors in Montgomery, but one stands out from the crowd. Casie Scott’s NShape Fitness family is growing while her customers’ waistlines are shrinking. But what makes Casie so different?

If you ask her clients, they’ll tell you it’s because she makes it personal.

Emily Wallace began working out at NShape boot camps in August of 2013. She doesn’t just look better now – she’s gained new confidence to express herself. She credits Casie’s friendship and the atmosphere of the NShape family. “The personal investment that Casie has in her clients is above that of any one I have ever worked with. NShape is a different atmosphere than a gym. Everyone there encourages each other and that makes working out fun!”

Chris Teeter, who has lost over 50 pounds and was recently certified in PiYo, says Casie and the NShape family are a place where accountability and support meet. “At NShape we all start off as strangers in a room and after a month we are close friends and family. We all ask about and worry about each other and we push and hold each another accountable. It’s personal, not just personal training.”

Casie, who is a wife and mother herself with a thriving business, helps to guide clients like Teryn Bostik who struggle to find balance. Teryn says the most valuable thing Casie taught her was that that no matter what is going on in her life, no matter how busy, tired or stressed she gets, she needs to make time for herself. “She made me look hard at myself and how I was letting everything else come first. She gave me purpose - to find ME again. My proudest accomplishment from working out at NShape is becoming a good example of what a healthy, active and strong woman can achieve for my daughters.”

So what is a workout with Casie Scott and the NShape family like? Start by forgetting anything you think you know about “boot camp.”

“If I had a better name I’d use it – NShape boot camp is full body circuit training and every workout is different. Muscle groups are worked in a different way each day and it’s not extreme,” Casie explained.

The one-month boot camp sessions are not a deadline for improvement. Instead, Casie is focused on helping her clients adopt a healthy lifestyle. Casie says, “working out can be fun, even when it’s hard. I want you to learn what a healthy lifestyle is and how to fit it into your busy life. The focus is on managing the daily routine to be healthy.”

If you’re looking for a healthy, balanced approach to fitness and an awesome fitness family, check out the newly expanded NShape studio at 7719 Averiett Drive or call Casie at 334-233-8675. Casie offers personal training and classes from 5 to 6 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well as 5:15 and 6 p.m. classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can also find NShape Fitness Montgomery on Facebook at

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