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To Have and To Hold


Peyton Flowers

Holding her favorite possessions and all her “secrets,” a handbag is a woman’s most trusty friend. This season’s trends are bringing you fresh styles to consider as well as the return of a few favorites; but remember, ladies, - it’s not about what you carry, it’s how you carry it. Spring into style with these must-have handbags, all from local stores.

Crossbody Convenience
It’s hands free fashion. The cross-body gives you the ability to sip your latte and save the world without the burden of an annoying bag weighing down your arm.

Tote-ally Stylish
The tote has returned and it is large and in charge. Now you can carry your afternoon snack, presentation handouts and toddler’s sippy cup all at once and remain on trend. 

Bucket List
The right combination of structure and disarray, the bucket bag is as functional as it is chic. It holds everything and goes with everything – the perfect it bag. 

Duffel Shuffle
Trends will come and go but the duffel style satchel is a classic. A little bit retro and a little bit practical, the duffel handbag will up the ante on sophistication.  

Uniquely Vintage
If you’re looking for something unique, consider adding vintage pieces to your accessory collection. Everything old is new again, especially when it comes to fashion.

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