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UBER... a Brilliant Alternative to the Terrible Taxi


Kim Traff
Most of you are familiar with the term UBER, thanks to the weeks and weeks of city council meetings and media coverage discussing whether or not it would be allowed in our City. It has been picking up steam in cities all over the world and stirring up a bit of controversy with taxi companies, which will ultimately only force the taxi services to step up their game a notch... or three. 

We are pleased to announce that UBER is now here! Uber may be a familiar term to some of you who travel to other cities, but for others who may not venture out of the River Region, we hope it is a term that will soon become one of your favorite services ever. 
Uber is an alternative to the ridiculous and okay, let’s be real, the almost absent taxi service we have in this town. Uber connects drivers with customers in the easiest, quickest and safe way. Created in 2009 and now serving over 200 cities, once you become a member and build your profile, a quick click of a simple app on your phone delivers a reputable driver in a clean car to your destination in minutes. The Uber app shows you where the drivers are located and measures your car's arrival in minutes. You get a text when the car is en route and a notification when it arrives. And you don't have to worry about fumbling with cash or credit cards or dealing with tips because everything is taken care of within the app. With Uber for Business, employees can even attach expense codes or memos to their trip information, completely removing the hassle of saving receipts and filing expense reports. And in case you were wondering about safety, every driver is thoroughly screened through a rigorous process including an in-depth criminal and driving background screening. 
Unlike regular taxis, the Uber system punishes bad service from drivers but also gives bad passengers a profile. Be rude, late or drunk once too often andsuddenly you'll find there is never a driver willing to pick you up. The customer-driver mutual rating system creates reciprocal obligations in which both sides are incentivized to be as nice as possible. And you just thought Chik-fil-A gave good service. 
Uber requires drivers to have a car that is at least as modern as 2005. And it allows customers to choose the type of car they hail. It's the opposite with regular taxis, where you get what you're given. Uber cars range from merely unremarkable — which is a good thing in taxi — to totally cool. Some drivers even have cold, bottled water waiting for you. There are different levels, the Uber X (standard car), the Uber XL (seats at least 6) and the SUV Black (Luxury Car), and the price depends on the car you select. 
Every Uber driver I've asked loves being an Uber driver. One recently reported that it saved his, really. Most like being able to dip in and out of it when they feel like-- all by switching the app on or off. 
So, if you are looking for some extra income, have a clean record and a modern car, and don't mind paying for car inspection, sign up to be an Uber driver, and we can make this already awesome city... a little more awesome.

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