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Anna Shay Wasden
At Wingers Sports Grill, the food possibilities are endless. A staple in Montgomery since 2004, Lee Peña and his wife, Mison, have been serving up some of the most unique combinations to grace our Capital City. After reopening in 2014, the growth for Wingers has been exponential. Recently, they opened their doors in Auburn and are very optimistic that business will take off this football season. But two restaurants were not enough for Lee; look for the third location of Wingers coming to downtown Montgomery in the coming months. Lee says, I would like to see Wingers grow to its maximum potential. We take it one day at a time as of right now. What is the maximum potential to Lee? Franchising is one thing on his list. With opportunities constantly opening in the restaurant business, Lee sees Wingers becoming a huge hit in other parts of Alabama. 

At Wingers, family comes first. We are a family-oriented restaurant that loves sports, Lee says. Many families with young children are repeat customers, as well as children who have grown up to be adults right before the Wingers family’s eyes. As for Lee’s own family, their influence in the restaurant is apparent. It was Mison’s dream to own her own restaurant, and little did Lee realize that he would be the driving force behind her success for so many years. Mison’s recipes combined with Lee’s business-savvy mind led the couple to instant success. Their daughter waited tables and helped in every way she could while attending The University of Alabama. The influence family has on Wingers is obvious in every aspect of the restaurant -- a quality Lee hopes will continue as they grow. 
It is easy to see Wingers’ growth as the shining star, but their food is not easily overshadowed. Mison is a native of South Korea, and she incorporates her heritage into many dishes on the menu. Her fried rice and egg rolls are fan favorites, something uncommon for a traditional wing restaurant. Along with his top three picks, Lee also highlights Wingers’ burgers, fish and salads. Recently named one of’s Top 18 Wings in Alabama, Wingers has the accolades to back up their delicious eats. 
Lee says, Montgomery has been very, very receptive to our wings. We have a loyal customer base that has been coming to Wingers for years. After 20 years in the military and 20 more working for the federal government, Lee has been all over the world. He settled in Montgomery in 2000, seeing it as the ideal place to raise a family. Since then, Lee has loved the small, yet metropolitan feel of Montgomery. He prides himself on hiring local people in his restaurant. 
As Wingers continues to grow, Lee knows that each day will present a new challenge, but through the support of his customers and love from his family, he knows the sky is the limit.

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