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Jul 18

RSVP Takes the Skies

Posted by at Tuesday, July 18, 2017

By: Anna Shay Wasden

A recent List patron, Erik Box, gave the RSVP team a once in a lifetime opportunity this morning. Through his company, Box Aviation, Erik offered to take us on an aerial tour of our very own home city. And let us tell you, Montgomery is even more beautiful from 1000 feet above.

After a short drive to the bunker just past the Montgomery Airport, we took a quick tour of the on-site planes. Both privately-owned and Box Aviation planes filled the bunker. We went straight into the Box Aviation office where we were greeted by Erik and his staff. We got a quick run-down of plane procedures, strapped on our seatbelts, put on our headphones, and off we went. We toured the entire city of Montgomery: from downtown, all the way to Hampstead Living. The views of the Capital City were unparalleled; an experience we will not soon forget!

Box Aviation offers services spanning the entire aircraft-needs span. Flight Training, Aerial Photography, Discovery Flights, and Aircraft Management are a few of their most popular services. For more information visit their website.

We at RSVP want to thank Box Aviation for this truly elevated experience! Happy Flying!


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