RSVP Montgomery


May 31

A Walk Around Oakwood

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

By: Anna Shay Wasden

To some, the idea of wandering around a cemetery all day might seem like the least rewarding activity. But, to truly get a feel for the history of Montgomery, a tour of Oakwood Cemeteries is an absolute must. Home to an astounding, nearly 200,000 burial sites, you see the remnants of people from every walk of life. From former slaves to wealthy congress members to petty thieves, every walk of life is represented. Local favorites Hank Williams Sr. and Justice Anthony Sayre (father of Zelda Fitzgerald) find their final resting place here among the lesser known members of Montgomery’s society.

To aid in your travels around the cemetery, a detailed “map” is available online. Each entry corresponds with a numbered marker in the cemetery. From there, a treasure hunt ensues as you try to find each marker and learn about what soul rests there. Favorites of many returning wanderers include Marker 7 of Jim the Slave and Marker 25 of Billy Ludecas. The author disclaims that his information is complete fact, saying much of it comes from Montgomery lore and tales. Nonetheless, a tour through Oakwood is the ideal way to quickly immerse yourself in Montgomery’s history. 

May 30

Alabama's French Connection

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

By: Anna Shay Wasden

The Alabama Department of Archives & History is introducing a weekend series on Alabama’s French Connection. The celebration will educate people on the long shared history between Alabama and France. Speakers include historians and Alabama natives alike. Cartledge Blackwell, Dona Bohanan, and Kathryn Braund will be a few of the main lecturers. A docent of the Department of Archives said, “This is a great way for Alabamians to learn about a portion of our history which spans over three centuries. Not many people realize how many of our cultural influences come from our French connection.” Attendees will be educated on topics such as Mardi Gras, French architecture, and Fort Toulouse.

Any interested can register at A 2-day pass is $25 for anyone and $15 for friends, members, and students. The 2-day pass covers Friday lunch and Saturday breakfast. The 1-day pass is $15 for anyone and $10 for friends, members, and students. The full schedule is available at this link. Any questions can be answered by calling 334-353-4689.