RSVP Montgomery



Hello! I am Bear! I am an eighteen-month-old shepherd mix that has found himself out of a home! Gee whiz! I don’t know what I did! My owner suddenly decided that she didn’t want me anymore! I will say, I did escape several times from the yard. But you know I get bored and start looking for things to do. Also I do have lots of energy so I think if I had regular exercise that would help a lot! Say I have an idea, what about me and you start an exercise program together? I would feel better and I know you would too! Take me for a run or several walks every day. Why don’t you teach me how to play fetch with a tennis ball? Boy that will burn off lots of energy! Also take some time with me and teach me some basic commands and some leash walking skills! I am really a great dog, but I do have a ton of energy that needs a way to be released! I have all of my vaccinations, I am heartworm negative, I have a microchip, and I have been neutered. If some one will just take some time with me and teach me how to be a well-mannered dog I know I will be a loyal family member for the rest of my life.