RSVP Montgomery

Joanie Conoly - All By His Hand


Always a creative person, Joanie Conoly says finding her life’s work has been a long process. And while her biggest blessing in life and greatest accomplishment is being a mother to her three children, Eleanor, 7, Charlie, 4, and Margaret, 2; rediscovering her love of painting came at the perfect time in her life.

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For the Love of Creativity: Nancy Cooper


As a little girl, Nancy Cooper was a self-proclaimed smartass who enjoyed being creative. One day when she got sent to her room for being a little mouthy, instead of staring at the walls sulking, she went into the garage, found a can of paint and painted her bedroom furniture. “When I was supposed to be doing homework I would draw women’s clothing. It was always when I wasn’t supposed to. I would start coloring with whatever,” she says.

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Madison Faile


“The past two years have been a real baptism by fire.” After losing his mother in a boating accident in 2016 and his father to Alzheimer’s in 2017, Madison Faile found a way to deal with the tragedies that life dealt him. “Art is what got me through that process. Art is the only thing that got me through.”

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Ruthie Carlson


Some artists are said to be born with a paint brush in hand, and that is certainly true of Ruthie Carlson. She barely remembers a time when art was not a vital part of her life. Growing up, Ruthie’s father owned a printing company. Her relationship with her father and his printing company was the beginning of her love of art. “On Saturdays rather than watching cartoons, I would go with him to the office. He would lead me through aisles and aisles of paper and allow me to collect as much as I could carry in every size and color. Then, he would set me up on a drawing table in their art room with a magnitude of magic markers, pens, pencils, scissors, rulers and more. Every girl’s dream, right? Well definitely mine!”

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