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Blue Sullivan has been one of the oldest members of the RSVP family, providing articles for the magazine since the magazine’s second issue back in 2008. But his work with RSVP is just a part of a distinguished two-decade writing career. He’s also been a regular contributor to a litany of other magazines and periodicals and has interviewed a host of celebrities including Johnny Depp, Jerry Seinfeld, Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges.

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The Game Has Changed


I feel sorry for Santa Claus. His life must have been so much easier before the Internet. Back in the days of yore, Christmas gifts were truly magical things. They were unexpected, unresearched, uncompared. Unwrapping them on Christmas morning elicited a careless glee, a welcome distraction from worldly woes. An un-merry consequence of the Information Age has been the disappearance of magic from Christmas morning. Imagine the scene: a family settles down to open gifts and Santa Claus's stand-ins, Mom and Dad, sit giddy with anticipation of their teenage daughter's reaction to their most magical gift. Distractedly, she tears off the immaculate wrapping to reveal: "what, an iPhone 6??!! Ugghh. I said I wanted the 6 Plus. I texted you guys the exact picture and specs from the website. Tell me you kept the receipt!” In this season of evergreens, it seems we have become fixated on the "ever greener" - that elusive grass on the other side of the fence that will forever be more desirable than our own.

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Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This | The Commitment Vacation


I believe every human being, male or female, needs at least one year of their adult life of mandatory “single-ness” (an awkward word but useful for our purposes), a “commitment vacation.” I have often mentioned this to my friends, and I always receive a certain amount of resistance.
“What?! No intimacy? For a year?”
Before you hyperventilate, I’m not suggesting you give up any romantic interaction. Your needs are yours to explore as you see fit, but no serious relationships. You are banned from anything that even winks in the direction of a committed relationship. “Love at first sight” is not only banned from your kingdom, it will be shot if found anywhere on the premises.

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties


My assignment for this article was to provide a man’s perspective on the world of internet dating. So guys, here’s my perspective: Don’t. One out of five relationships may start online, but keep in mind 73.2% of all statistics are entirely made up. I know, I know, everyone has a friend of a friend who met the love of their life on or whatever, but for every one of those stories there are ten saps that have wasted $29.95 and were too embarrassed to tell you about it. Some have scolded me for not giving it enough of a try, but after three weeks in it was clear that Dr. Neil Clark Warren did not think very highly of me. Although, it probably didn’t help that I chose to live tweet the whole process.

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The Single Side of the Season


The buildup to the holiday season begins early; that’s for sure. And if you’re used to being part of a pair strolling arm-in-arm through a winter wonderland, facing this time of year as a single person can really throw a wrench in your ho-ho-ho. The days ahead may seem anything but merry and bright.

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Don't Boil the Rabbit


Single People, it’s time for you to access your un-crazy side. What is it about the modern dating scene that transforms so may seemingly normal people into needy sad sacks or raving lunatics? Appearances to the contrary, there just can’t be that much undiagnosed bipolar disorder out there. Blame it on the media, aliens or even gluten if you want, but it is time for this to stop.

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I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial: good looking man meets attractive woman on the sidewalk, they enter a restaurant that could be in Anywhere, USA and laugh the night away. Meanwhile, the voiceover guy is throwing out stats about relationships, online dating and informs us that we are in fact witnessing this happy couple’s first date

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A Hitchhiker’s Mini Guide to the Single’s Galaxy


I thoroughly enjoy being single (despite the fact that a number of girls currently reading this have just begun composing a comprehensive mental list of the reasons I am still single). I enjoy this phase of life because I accept “single” for what it is and make the best of it.

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In the Search for Love, Do We Value Our Values?


As singles, we are all searching for companionship, romance and respect. We wanted to find out just how much values factor into that search. As Meatloaf sings, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” We asked area singles how they would define “that.” Read on for their interesting insight...

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The Cell Phone Curse


I have been dating a delightful young woman for several weeks now, and to this date, her number currently resides on a slip of paper in my wallet…where it shall remain. There is a simple reason for this – my cell phone is cursed.

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