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The List July 2012

Joshua Paul Davis

Josh Davis has always had a love for fashion. In fact, after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Psychology, he began working at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Corporate Office in Birmingham, Ala. However, he was stuck behind a computer all day, and that did not work for Josh. As he puts it, he needed a lot more “people time.” So, Josh left and pursued such a career. After a few years of planning special events in the hospitality industry, he found his home. Josh was invited to join the team at The Locker Room as a professional clothier. He speaks of it fondly: “The work atmosphere is so pleasant here; we are like a family, and all of our clients are good friends.” Josh even credits his boss, George Wilder, as his professional and personal mentor. It is evident that Josh loves his job and the Montgomery community. He says the people of Montgomery are great about supporting hometown businesses – something very important for a store like The Locker Room. Although he’s a Selma native, Josh has been able to build a support system of friends that now make him proud to call Montgomery home. Josh is not married, but he has a dog named Edie. He says he enjoys cheering for his nephews in sporting events, playing with Edie and spending time with his family at Lake Jordan.

Louis Michael Calligas

Although he grew up in Shreveport, La., Louis has been familiar with Montgomery his entire life. His mother was originally from Montgomery, so growing up he regularly visited his relatives here. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Corporate Journalism at Auburn University, Louis went to law school at Tulane in New Orleans. After graduating in 2003, he moved to Montgomery and is now an attorney with Balch & Bingham LLP. Louis is the president of the Montgomery County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section and on the Alabama State Bar Young Lawyer Section Executive Committee. Louis stays involved in the non-legal community as well. He is a member of the local AHEPA chapter, president of the local AHEPA charity organization and a member of the YMCA Boys Work Committee. Louis is engaged to Catherine Thomas, and they will marry in Jekyll Island, Ga. in late July. Louis enjoys living in the Cloverdale area, attending Auburn football games (having never missed a home game since moving to Montgomery), cooking at home and dining out at restaurants. Louis believes he inherited his love for cooking and restaurants from his grandparents; in fact, his great-grandfather and grandfather owned restaurants in downtown Montgomery in the past, and old photos of each restaurant hang in his office.

Aubrie Lemon Moates

“I love making women feel glamorous and realize their beauty,” explains Aubrie Lemon Moates. That’s her favorite thing about owning Hello Gorgeous Photography. There’s no questioning that Aubrie knows a lot about what she does. After all, she was a professional model for eight years before she decided to start Hello Gorgeous. She attributes her courage to move behind the camera to her husband, Josh. After looking at some of her work, it is surprising to hear that cameras intimidated Aubrie at one point in her life, but that all changed when Josh came along. He is the person who “taught (her) to take a beautiful picture,” as she puts it. The two of them have a 2-year-old son named Ever, and they can all be found together every week at the Montgomery Zoo. Aubrie grew up as an only child in Flagler Beach, Fla., but she also lived in Los Angeles for some time. After that experience, she finds the nice people and Southern hospitality of Montgomery very refreshing. Aubrie feared that Montgomery might not be ready for boudoir photography, but she has been surprised and even inspired by the number of men and women who support her. She hopes Hello Gorgeous will inspire others as well, and she has used the platform to put on events and fundraisers, typically for women's issues such as breast cancer.

Ledrick S. Crenshaw

“There is nothing better than receiving a letter from a patient that tells the story of how we, as a company, made their day better,” says Ledrick S. Crenshaw, Director of Operations for All Med Physicians. Although he is responsible for many tasks, his real joy comes from his work to influence both customer care and employee satisfaction. Those concepts too often come at a cost to each other. Ledrick focuses his efforts on making teamwork and collaboration translate naturally into excellent customer care. Some might call it unconventional, but Ledrick’s educational path has worked well for him. After graduating from Auburn University at Montgomery with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education Biology, he went on to obtain a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. That education and his work experience have given him what he needs to really do his job well. Of course, he attributes much of his success to his family. He has two daughters, Mia and Kiersten, who drive his desire to succeed. However, he credits his mother, Carolyn, as the initiator of that desire. Also, Ledrick’s daughters have to endure a lot of hugs like Ledrick got from his father Willie. When not with his family, Ledrick classifies himself a gym junkie because he loves to work out. He is also an avid Alabama football fan and a sci-fi fanatic. Apparently, he has been to a Comic-Con convention, but he promises that the reason for the trip was the Alabama/Virginia Tech Chick-Fil-A kick-off game in Atlanta.

Rebekah Gentry Edwards

If you think it’s time to change yourself up, you may want to give Rebekah a call. She knows a lot about the proper timing for change. After graduating from Prattville High School, she obtained an Alabama Cosmetology License from Shelton State Community College. She then spent nine years in the hairstyling industry. However, Rebekah decided it was time to leave and do what really made her happy— makeup. She became a freelance makeup artist for LUSH Makeup Art and a staff makeup artist at Doug’s 2 Salon-Spa. Rebekah now has five years of experience in makeup. However, she said making that change was one of the hardest things she ever did. At first, it frightened her to leave her comfort zone, but her husband, Dave, encouraged her to do so. His encouragement, coupled with the right environment at Doug’s 2 Salon-Spa, made it happen for Rebekah. She says that her favorite part is “the confidence I see (people) gain.” There’s nothing better to her than meeting a new person and helping them feel more confident. Her sister, Rachel, and the rest of her family have been her support. Rebekah also enjoys being able to help others. Recently, she helped out at the Marie Claire Front Row College Challenge runway show that benefited the Tuscaloosa tornado victims. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband Dave and their cat, Miss Sassy Sophia.

Marcus Shone Robinson

After being laid off, most people would be terrified, but not Marcus. His faith in God gave him the footing he needed to quickly move on. “Stepping out on faith and leaving my comfort zone to further my political career has blessed my life tremendously,” explains Marcus. He is now Supervisor of Bills and Duplicating for the Alabama Senate. After graduating from Greenville High School, he continued his education at Troy University. Marcus then spent the next 10 years in retail management with Limited Corporation and Ann Taylor Loft. That work came pretty naturally to Marcus, as he has never met a stranger or someone he could not talk to. However, he was later laid off due to the downturn in the economy. As mentioned above, Marcus saw this as an opportunity to follow in his late father’s footsteps. Daniel Robinson was a councilman in Greenville, Ala. for many years, and he was also his son’s hero. Marcus heads to work grateful and happy every day. He works with a wonderful group of people that he affectionately calls a “Senate family.” That being said, Marcus’ real family is the most important thing to him. He and his wife, Deidre, have four outstanding children: Jonathan, Angel, Amber and Ava. Marcus says that wherever they are is where you will find him. They often spend time together downtown at the Riverfront, where they enjoy Montgomery’s growth and cultural diversity.

Casie Scott

What does it take to work hard and be successful? Just ask Casie Scott, personal trainer and owner of NShape Bootcamps. This Biloxi, Miss. native brings her own style and enthusiasm to each camp, keeping them unpredictable and exciting. Being one of eight children, she says that witnessing her parents work as hard as they did to provide for the family is what influenced her success the most. They made her realize that you can not only do whatever you want, but you can actually do what you love. She and her husband, Derek, have one daughter named Emma and will be welcoming a new baby girl into their family this October. Her favorite part of Montgomery is that it is family-oriented and that everyone seems to give back to the community in some form or fashion. It’s obvious that Casie wants to have a positive impact in the community, and that all goes back to her passion of fitness and healthy lifestyles. “The River Region has been good to me. Each and every one of my clients make me push myself and work harder,” explains Casie. She has lived in Montgomery for 10 years, and she is a NETA-certified personal trainer.

Arpi Sekeryan

Arpi Sekeryan works as a Master Nail Technician, and she says, “I love what I do because I’m a people person.” Born in Montreal, Quebec, Arpi started out on a completely different career path. She graduated from Vanier College in Office Systems Technology. She then worked as a customer service manager, an assistant merchandiser and assistant to the designer Arnold Brant for about 15 years. When she had her boys, Alec and Ardo, she decided to make a change. After graduating from Edith Serei in Montreal, she started her new career in 2000. Arpi came to Montgomery in 2008, when her husband Arthur was offered a position as Master Furrier by Henig Furs. After Arthur saw Montgomery’s sunny weather, he fell in love with it. Arpi likes Montgomery too. She loves the sunny days and the friendly people. She also likes how close Montgomery is to the beaches. Plus, after a lot of hard work and wonderful client referrals, she has built a steady client base here. Arpi is also an educator with Dashing Diva. She gets to travel doing shows, demos and classes. She enjoys the traveling, but she also really likes her cycle class at Metro Fitness. Arpi loves reading suspense and listening to music, especially dance music.

Lekisha Leonard

Lekisha “Tish” Leonard worked for the state of Alabama as a computer programmer/analyst from 2002-2009. That job suited her education well. She graduated in 2001 from Auburn University with a degree in Management Information Systems. In 2009, she decided to leave her programming days behind her and become a stay-at-home mom. She really enjoyed the extra time with her family. However, she couldn’t do just that. Lekisha is now the Owner and Executive Pastry Chef of Cupcakes by Tish. It’s easy to tell that “Tish” enjoys what she’s doing. “I just love it when my customers make me aware of how much they really like my cupcakes or how one of my cupcakes helped them de-stress after a long day,” explains Lekisha. Creating something special for someone else can be very rewarding, especially when they really enjoy it. She credits her parents and grandmother as the most influential people in her life. After all, they instilled educational values and hard work ethic in her, and her grandmother taught her how to cook and bake. Of course, Lekisha’s biggest cheerleader has always been Quincy, her husband and co-owner of Cupcakes by Tish. They have three children: Ahlias, Lauryn and London. They enjoy Montgomery, specifically the historic Cloverdale area. Locating their business in the Mulberry Shopping District has provided a lot of loyal customers who help spread the good word for Cupcakes by Tish. She attends St. Paul AME Church, and she gives back to the community by donating to non-profit organizations, specifically the American Cancer Society.

Andrew J. Szymanski

Any time you start a new job, you have some learning to do. For Andrew, that meant learning about a sport he didn’t even know existed. He is the Executive Director of the Montgomery Dragon Boat Race and Festival, one of Montgomery's newest and largest summer events. “I love seeing the public enjoy a sport that even I hadn’t heard of three years ago,” says Andrew. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2008 with a degree in Speech Communication, Andrew went on to work with AmeriCorps VISTA for Bridge Builders Alabama. He is really proud of what that organization does, and he was proud to enter his position with Montgomery Dragon Boat. It makes sense that Andrew attributes his success to the community around him and the wonderful support it gives to what he does. However, it is also a little ironic. The hardest thing he had to overcome was leaving his home in Massachusetts to come down South. His parents always encouraged him to do new things, and this time it paid off. He fell in love with UGA and the South. He enjoys volunteering at many city events, and he serves as the secretary for the American Cancer Society’s Junior Exec Board. He loves the friendly people in Montgomery and the tight-knit community. Mr. Smudge, his five-year old dog is truly his best friend. While Montgomery has won Andrew’s favor, he still says there’s nothing better than drinking a cold beer at his parents’ place while day-of lobsters boil on the stove.

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