RSVP Montgomery

Karl Dabbs

In the pursuit of a mentor, Kim and Amanda were encouraged to reach out to Karl Dabbs, a local tycoon in the publishing industry. A graduate of The University of Alabama, Karl spent 17 years working for Southern Living Magazine where he began as staff accountant in their printing division and was eventually appointed controller of their corporate headquarters. In 1979, Karl started working with B.A.S.S. magazine as a controller wherein he later became V.P. of Finance and CFO and helped with negotiating the sale of the company to ESPN in April 2001. After the sale of B.A.S.S., Inc., Karl became involved with several businesses including serving as the proprietor of The Bulletin Board for seven years. Karl is currently the president and owner of Tidbits Media, Inc., Montgomery Business Capital, Inc, Dabwood Realty, Inc., Carmichael I-85 Properties, LLC, Dabbs Properties, LLC, Amalfi Partners, LLC, Montgomery Business Brokers, Inc., Dapper,LLC, and Polygon Leasing, Inc.
“Karl is so full of wisdom yet very laid back. He doesn’t talk much but when he does, we listen because we know he knows what he is talking about,” Kim says. Karl and his wife Gayle have four adorable grandchildren. When he isn’t spending time with them, you can find him watching Alabama football or playing golf.