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Learning to Laugh at Yourself, So You Can Laugh at Everything Else


Caleb & Hannah Hawk
Who are the Joneses? What do they do? Why are they so special? Who cares? We have been married three years now, and we are still getting used to this whole marriage thing just as we are with this whole “being an adult” thing. Admittedly, Hannah may care a little bit more about keeping up with the Joneses than Caleb. But as a couple, we are working to take a step back, laugh at ourselves and work on just being the Hawks. Keep up with that. 

Not only do we both work together daily at WSFA, we also spend most of our time off working on projects like wedding videos for Two Hawks. Since we’ve been married, we have been to more weddings together than most people go to in their lifetimes. Needless to say, we’ve picked up a few tips along our journey on how to make the most out of being two instead of one. 
 Here are a few subjects we’ve become “experts” on while we’ve been together: 
 Etiquette: Etiquette Shmetiquette. Why is one person’s set of outdated rules still considered the norm? Why can’t I wear white whenever I want? Why do we have to make our bed if we’re the ones coming home to it? We might as well fold a towel into a bunny and leave mints out for our future weird selves. What we’re getting at is make your own rules. Do what works best for you. Instead of worrying about making sure every relative and middle school friend receives a yearly Christmas card, cuddle up on the couch and finally finish binge watching Breaking Bad while eating pizza rolls. 
 Playing House: Speaking of making beds, our house isn’t always spotless. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Some noses may be in the air from that statement, but it’s probably because their house is a hot mess too. Don’t get us wrong, our house is immaculate whenever any type of company is coming over. It’s crazy how clean we get our tubs when we expect a UPS delivery. No, seriously. The funniest thing we find ourselves doing is making sure our house is cleaner than the inside of a Clorox bottle before a party. This cleanliness, while amazing, lasts all of 3 hours. The next day is usually spent wondering why our kitchen floor resembles the Le Brea Tar Pits. Clean up when you have to, but don’t think you are the only one with a messy house. If your friends are hesitant to invite you over, it’s probably because their house is just as messy.
 Making Fun of Everything: Sometimes we find ourselves laughing at something we shouldn’t. We need more Jesus, clearly. Besides needing a whole lot of Jesus, we need to laugh about 75% of the day or it just feels boring. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourselves. Life is too tough to be stressed while you’re with someone you love. Sometimes, Caleb will trip and fall on purpose or Hannah will randomly jump up in the middle of the room and drop it like it’s hot. We do so just to make each other laugh. Sometimes it works, sometimes we roll our eyes, but no matter what it still makes our time together fun. 
 Be Yourselves: To be honest, writing this article wasn’t exactly easy because, once again, we (Hannah) were a little concerned about what others might think. Trust us, we get it- it’s not easy. Yet more than anything, it’s important to make life work for the two of you, no matter what others are doing and what they might think. Life is much too short to be worried about keeping up with those ever-famous Joneses. So be lazy, clean when you want to, laugh and strive to be the person your spouse fell in love with. You do you, boo. You. Do. You.

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