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Proline: Attention to Detail


John Tiedt
We all spend a lot of time in our car and know that when our car is clean and we love what we drive, it makes all the difference. Proline Detailing is one of the best-kept secrets in the River Region for helping to make this a driver’s reality.

When you walk into Proline Detailing in Prattville, you are greeted by a friendly receptionist. A comfortable leather chair, a refuge for waiting clients, sits out front. In the next room, owner Paul Lammon sits at a small second-hand desk with a folding chair. Paul doesn’t need a lavish office, because most of his work isn’t done here. Out back, all four doors of his shop are up. Inside, his employees are finishing up detailing a bright red Nissan GTR. In a different room, a new Lexus LS waits for its next round of paint treatment.

Paul officially opened Proline Detailing in 2009, though he has been detailing cars for 20 years. A self-proclaimed “car guy,” he has a tattoo of a car that he and his father built together on his forearm: a 1964 Chevrolet Pickup. He sold it to raise the money to start his business. “It’s one of those things where I’ll get it back one day” he says. Since then, he has amassed years of valuable experience on what he estimates to be over a thousand vehicles.

A picture of Paul and his son, Hanan, hangs above his desk, a memory of the time he went to work with him during a detail of one of the first Dodge Demons to roll off the production line. Along with that, Paul credits a 1929 Packard limo and a Lamborghini Huracan as some of his favorite detail jobs. Paul has been detailing private jets for years and just finished one last month. Detailing exotics doesn’t make Paul nervous anymore.

Proline shuns the stereotype of a typical car wash. The shop is full of technology that you would expect to find in a crime lab: Lights that simulate sunlight, special drying systems for the chemicals and microfiber rags take the place of the traditional bucket and brush in most standard washes. In addition, Proline is the only local shop to be certified to use CeramicPro and Xpel brand technology, and they are the only company in the tri-county area to be designated as an authorized dealer of Shine Supply, a high-end auto chemical product. Proline clients can purchase these items for use at home between details in the shop.

Detailing is a lot of work, and Proline takes what they do very seriously. Paul says, “A lot of people see it as a car wash, and not a detail shop. We do way more than a car wash. We remove seats from the vehicle on our full details. We use vapor steam cleaners to kill any kind of germs and bacteria. Even down to the paint work when we get down to buffing and polishing, most of these jobs are between a day or two of work.” Due to their level of service, it is not unusual for the guys at Proline to close up the shop at 1 a.m., nor is it unheard of for them to do a final inspection on a job and discover something that takes another three hours of work.

A year ago, Paul partnered up with his friend of many years, Donald Fazekas, who formerly ran a competing shop in Montgomery. Donald brings ten years of experience in detailing, specializing in protective coatings. Including the partners, Proline boasts over 50 years of combined experience in car detailing. Together, Paul and Donald have further differentiated Proline’s offerings the area. Recently, they added more professional detail staff, as well as a new window tinting service. In the future, they want to add a live stream to the shop, where clients can check in on the progress of their job. “We are really just trying to do things that nobody else in the area is doing,” Paul adds.

Proline’s reputation extends outside the Montgomery area. They have detailed cars for clients as far away as Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana, and many of his clients end up being repeat customers. Paul notes his client’s trust as one of his most valued compliments: “that’s what I take my pride in, for people who have worked as hard as they have to get the toys and the cars that they drive, and trust us with it. For me that is the biggest thing anyone could say about me.”

Though Paul loves to talk about the fancy and expensive cars they have worked on, he doesn’t think they are the only ones deserving of a good detail. Proline offers many levels of service on a quote basis, and some include warranties. Whether you want to detail your Ferrari or your sedan, Proline will put in the effort that will make you proud of your ride. Paul said, “I guess what I want most people to know about Proline is our passion is deep, our grind is unstoppable… our passion, especially in this area, is unmatched.”

Contact Proline Detailing at 334-202-1051, or find them on the web at as well as on Facebook and Insatgram.


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