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Todd Fulmer and The Lone Wolfe


Todd Fulmer and Kimberly Wolfe, better known on the River Region music scene as Todd Fulmer and the Lone Wolfe, are bringing a fusion of two vastly different styles together to create something unlike any other act in the area. With influences of jazz, rock, country and more, all wrapped in a classically trained package, their music transcends the lines of genre while keeping their deeply rooted faith at the forefront of everything they do.

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Led by Lyrics


Take a ride down County Road 14, just west of Autaugaville, Alabama, where you’ll find 18 plus acres of golden, lanky sunflowers in what’s known around town as simply “The Sunflower Field.”

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Lipbone Redding


We’ve all heard a one-man band, but Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding takes it to another level by adding a mix of beatboxing, self-contained percussion and vocal horns, elevating him into a one-man orchestra.

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Jason Givens and the Wanderers


Jason Givens and the Wanderers have taken Montgomery's music scene by storm over the past year. The band has seen its fair share of the spotlight after opening for Montgomery Gentry at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and drawing one of the biggest crowds The Shoppes at EastChases event Sounds of Summer has ever seen.

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The Talismen


Montgomery, Alabama is not universally known for its wide variety of musical acts, but within the city limits, there are many people looking to make a living off music or just jam with a group of friends. Among those musicians, you’ll find the five young men who make up The Talismen. Jack Bennett (guitar), Jack Anderson (bass/ vocals), Jack Wagstaff (piano/horns/vocals), Camp Spain (guitar/vocals) and George Norrell (drums/vocals) all met while attending high school in Montgomery and have turned their garage band into a local favorite.

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If you close your eyes and listen to River Dan, you might mistake him for Waylon Jennings. He’s got a deep, Southern voice that is reminiscent of old time country music. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, River Dan is no stranger to the country music history in our city and has let it infiltrate his life and his music. From every chord he strikes and every note he hits, this musician embodies the soul of the South. If you’re looking to have a good time while listening to music, find out where River Dan is playing and let his charm and Southern drawl rock you sweetly into the night.

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Montgomery Symphony Orchestra: Fellowship Series


Imagine this: it’s a lovely fall evening in November. You and your friends are looking for a way to escape the frigid, fall air and enjoy some good music. Going to a bar is an option, but it’s usually a little too noisy and crowded for your liking. You could go to a movie, but there really isn’t anything out that you’re interested in seeing. Then one of your friends suggests watching a performance by the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra. You’ve never seen them perform, but the indecisive nature of the night has you convinced that it will be fun. So you go and have a wonderful time. This isn’t just a hypothetical situation, though. It can easily become a reality.

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The Push of a Button


One audition. Four chairs. A life-changing decision.

Luke Wade stepped on stage at his blind audition for NBC’s “The Voice”in front of four superstar coaches and a studio audience.

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American Gothic Revisited


In 1986, Bon Jovi released the music video for their timeless classic, “Livin’ On A Prayer,” complete with a scene of Jon Bon Jovi flying high over the crowd. Unbeknownst to the iconic rock group, a wide-eyed 12-year-old boy watching the video was equal parts mesmerized and inspired by the gravity-defying stunt. That young boy was Stephen Poff, the mastermind behind One Like Son.

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Song of the South


Old churches are beautiful structures to look at and admire, but a little known fact is that they are also great places to record an album. Just ask Davis Nix. The local singer/songwriter has been tucked away inside Zion Episcopal Church in Talbotton, Georgia recording his debut album. Over the years, Nix has worked with countless musicians as a manager, touring musician and concert promoter. It has taken him roughly five years to kick-start his own solo music career.

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