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Rejuvinate Your Mind, Body & Soul


During the month of love, it's easy to just focus on showering the relationships in your life with love and affection, but it can be hard to turn those efforts inward and also give yourself that level of care too! Self-care is so important these days when we are all stretched thin by work, life and even relationships that can leave us feeling stressed or drained. Self-care doesn't have to be life-changing things that require a lot of time, effort or money. Instead, prioritize simple tasks and indulge in products and items that will recharge your energy and nurture your mind, body and soul.

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RSVP Gift Guide


The wish lists, decision making, financial strain and hustle and bustle of holiday shopping can easily turn the happiest person into Ebenezer Scrooge. We set out on a mission to make this year go a little smoother by providing perfect holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list - your wellness obsessed friend, cat-loving mom, sophisticated boss, tough-to-shop for man, ultimate host and more. Find gifts that surprise and delight and make everyone’s spirit bright this season. Here’s to getting a head start so you can really enjoy the things that make this the most wonderful time of the year!

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Retro Riot


While fashion is always evolving, we can’t deny that it keeps repeating itself. There is something about vintage-inspired style that opens a window to our past and gives us a nostalgic feeling again and again. You don’t have to go retro all at once, but with the right accessories and attitude you can easily revamp your wardrobe. Pair something old with something new to bring the whole shebang to date and on trend

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Suit Up for Summer


With the heat index climbing over 100 degrees, it’s hotter than ever outside, and the best way to cope with these temperatures is to strip down, put on a swimsuit and take a dip in the water. Chances are a few of the suits you once loved might now feel a bit outdated once you pull them out. If you are due for a little cleaning—we all are, to be honest—we're here to fill you in on a few swimsuits and accessories that will help you feel better about tossing out the old and making room for the new. With the help of some of our favorite stores located just around the corner at The Shoppes at EastChase, we hope you are inspired to look extra fabulous this summer when you take that dip in the pool, walk on the beach or boat ride on the lake. After all, sweating looks better when you look as hot as you feel.

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Gift Ides for Mother's Day & Father's Day


Dad is our super hero who always saves the day. Mom is our confidant and comforter. Both made sacrifices to make sure we became productive members of society. We have a few gift ideas that will help you show them you love and appreciate them this Mothers’/Father’s Day. Mother’s Day: MAY 12
Father’s Day: JUNE 16.

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Denim Daze


Spring trends always feel like a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to denim, a fabric that suits everyone. Genderless and versatile, denim is the easiest addition to any wardrobe. With the help of a few of our favorite places to shop and some super fun ladies, we set out to give you a little inspiration to shake up your regular denim routine.

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Five Ways to Say I Love You


Love is in the air! Whether you’re expressing warmth for a significant other, your children, or a furry friend, displaying affection is endearing and good for the soul. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re trying to plan a show-stopping day of romance and thrills, kudos to you! Show your darling they matter the most with our creative ways to razzle and dazzle them and let them know you’ve put thought and effort into making the day worthwhile.

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Bootie Call


Forego your search for the basic ankle bootie and hunt for a pair you've never even considered. We've zeroed in on some of the biggest boot trends this fall, including some that will put you in touch with your wild side, make you want to plan a trip out West or pay tribute to Prince. This is your official bootie call.

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Summer Reading at its Best


Spring is melting into summer faster than a popsicle on a hot sidewalk, and it’s time to stock your bookshelves with some good reads. Put down your phone, pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for a cozy reading session with one (or a few) of these new releases.

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Dahlonega: Tuscany Meets the South


In Northeast Georgia, only an hour away from Atlanta, lies a picturesque little mountain town whose people welcome you like an old, beloved friend. They welcome you to their town, their faces smiling, their arms wide open, to a destination so beautiful, so verdant, it’s as if it’s been plucked from the front of a postcard. It’s a town that’s charming and alluring, yet mysterious and surprising. It’sa town whose streets are lined with art galleries upon art galleries, whose wooded forests are sprinkled with waterfalls upon waterfalls, whose lush hillsides are teeming with vineyards upon vineyards. It’s a town full of wonder, full of life. It’s where Asheville meets Mayberry. Where the bountiful beauty of Tuscany meets the South. It’s a town like nothing else, both captivating and alluring. It’s Dahlonega.

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