RSVP Montgomery

Take Five

Sweet Summer Cravings


There's something about warmer weather that really brings out our sweet tooth. Instead of saying “no” to the delicious temptation, revive the kid in you and indulge. From popsicles, ice cream and dessert cocktails, to the natural sweetness from fresh fruit, our favorite sweets are just a craving away.

Fur Friendly Field Trips


When Fido just cannot seem to stay on the couch any longer, leash up your pups and check out these pet-friendly spots in Montgomery! Enjoy our city’s fall air while keeping man’s best friend close to your side. Studies prove that having a dog close by not only provides companionship but can also help lower your blood pressure. What better way to help your health and spend time with your pet?

Favorite Issues from the Past Decade


The past 10 years have brought a lot of exciting moments for our city and the RSVP team. Looking back at past issues is like going back in time, a trip down memory lane reminding us of all the fun we’ve had, progress we’ve made and the people who make putting this little magazine together worth it – YOU! Since each issue is a labor of love, itwas hard to narrow down our favorites, but we managed to do it. Here are five of our favorite issues from the past decade.

You've Got Mail


Who doesn’t love coming home to a new box on your doorstep? Peeling back the tape and uncovering what is inside feels like Christmas and your birthday at any time of the year. Here are five of our favorite clothing subscription services that will keep you fashion-forward for every month to come.

Classes of Glasses


It may come as a surprise to some college students today that not all alcohol is served in a Styrofoam cup. In this edition’s Take Five, we set out to educate our readers on the five most popular types of spirit glassware as we broaden their options for enjoying their favorite drinks.

Sensational Scents


Let’s face it - smell sells. We love it when people tell us we smell good, and we talk about people and places that don’t. It’s just important to us. We asked our readers about their favorite smelling products and found some gems.

Have you seen my etiquette?


Your frayed jeans and crop top might go out of style, but one thing is for sure- using proper etiquette won’t. The word etiquette often conjures up images of women drinking tea and learning to properly set a table; however, for the modern lady, there is basic etiquette we need to practice. So if your mother didn’t teach you, here are some tips to keep you classy, gracious and respected.



After an indulgent holiday season, set the tone for a healthy and relaxing New Year with a visit to the spa. Put your health first and jump-start your wellness routine with some of our favorite nourishing spa treatments.

Bar Rules for the Brainless


We’ve all been walk into a crowded bar ready for a fun night with friends until you come across some jerk who doesn’t have common sense. Unfortunately, some people have not been taught how to properly act in a crowded bar or club scene. Make sure you’re not one of them by following these tips for bar etiquette. Try them next time you’re out and see how much better of a time you have. Happy drinking!

Beauty in the Eye of the Consumer: Decoding Labels


When it comes to beauty products, there are a few things worth knowing. First, all beauty products don’t have to be approved by the FDA. Another interesting tidbit is the FDA doesn’t have the authority to recall a product. What this means is there is no higher power looking out for us when it comes to what products we purchase and use on our skin. Here are some product tips to help you be a smart consumer.