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The LIST - May/June 2016

David Fettes

Blackfinn Ameripub is quickly becoming a Montgomery favorite, and David Fettes is no secret in all of the success. David is the operating partner of the fantastic new restaurant. His parents spent many years in the restaurant business, and David had the opportunity to work under them and learn from their success while he completed high school as well as college. After graduation, he spent several years working for well-known restaurants in Florida then Chicago. He was latertransferred to Indiana, and after a considerable amount of time spent in cold weather, he decided to relocate to the South, settling down in Montgomery. In 2014, David left the restaurant chain he had worked for in order to start Blackfinn. He has enjoyed the excitement of this startup as well as the environment of a smaller organization. David met his wife, Mary-Kate, while working in the restaurant business, and together they have two wonderful children.

Jared Freeman

As president and CEO of ASE Credit Union, Jared Freeman is impressive to say the least. In 2010, he received his Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Mobile. In 2011, he went on to earn his MBA from the same university. During his high school career, Jared began working at COMALA Credit Union. From there, he earned many promotions including chief operations officer for Guardian Credit Union prior to coming to ASE in 2015. He calls his parents the most important part of his success, due to their example of hard work and always instilling important morals in their children. He also thanks his prior boss, Heath Harrell, for believing in him at such an early age. Heath taught him about the business, but even more so about the importance of being a leader. Jared admitted that it has been tough to be the youngest one in his field, but the skepticism of others has made him work even harder. Jared enjoys most the look in someone’s eyes when the credit union fulfills a lifelong dream of a member. “People helping people” is more than just a slogan- it’s who they are at ASE. Jared is married to Laura Freeman, and the two enjoy being involved at the Church of the Highlands, traveling, working out and cooking.

Kim Hall

Kim Hall is the owner of Kreative Moments, a local event planning and event services business. Kim is most thankful for her clients and says, “Each and every person who has allowed us to be a part of their special event has had an impact on Kreative Moments.” With each event being different, Kim is able to use creativity to make an event as special and unique as the client. Overcoming her fear of public attention and publicspeaking has been a huge obstacle for Kim. As business grows, she is forced to become comfortable in those situations. Although it is difficult at times, she is thankful for the opportunity to grow in new ways. Every time she sees the face of a client light up with excitement, she falls even more in love with her career. Kreative Moments is a proud supporter of Alabama Angels Pageant, HALO, Making strides, Relay for Life and more. Kim is the proud mother of three, and her family is happy to call Montgomery their home.

Brooke Johns

As a graduate from the University of Alabama, Brooke Reynolds Johns has found great success in the field of interior design. She has experience as a design assistant with Jane Smith Interiors and has worked as an interior designer at Cherry McNab Architects. She is employed with Matter Creative Studio/Mercer Home. Brooke humbly looks at her mother and her husband, Phillip, as the reasons for her success. They are not only her biggest cheerleaders, but also constantly push Brooke forward in her career. She loves assisting clients in making their dream homes a reality, and the community’s support and word of mouth has been a huge help in her success. Brooke is the wife of Phillip Johns and the proud owner of a golden doodle- Lennon. Their family attends Church of the Highlands together, and they enjoy living here in Montgomery. Brooke also loves horseback riding, reading and evening walks with her husband and their sweet pet.

Hunter Lewis

Hunter Lewis is a marketing associate for Sysco of Central Alabama, the world’s largest food distributor with over 400,000 clients in a wide array of fields. A Montgomery native, he achieved his Bachelor of Science in hospitality sales and meeting management from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island where he played baseball and was on the wrestling team. After leading a few restaurants and hotels in the Northeast and Southeast, Hunter made the move to Montgomery where he met his wife and began his career with Sysco. His biggest obstacle was attending college 1,200 miles away from home where he had to work to establish himself and get acclimated to his new surroundings. His experiences help him in his job now. He says, “Food unites us all and is the source and center of many happy moments in our lives. I love that I can help restaurant owners create that magic moment for all in our community in the most efficient way possible.” Hunter and his wife, Lara, have a three-year-old son named Pierce and are passionate about underserved children. They are actively involved with many nonprofits and their church.

Chaymeriyia Moncrief

Chaymeriyia Moncrief, an exciting young woman in her early twenties, works as a popular freelance graphic designer. As a 2012 graduate from Jefferson Davis High School, Chaymeriyia is constantly in a position to prove herself in the industry. This challenge motivates her to always move forward, learn more and constantly seek to improve. She attended H. Council Trenholm for fashion marketing, and she later attended Alabama State University for business management and marketing. Chaymeriyia sasys that the biggest impact on such an early success is her mother- who is both her biggest supporter and her strongest influence. As a graphic designer, she most enjoys helping the vision of her clients come to life. “There is nothing more rewarding than helping people with something that they love,” she says. She attributes her success to her customers who have helped her reputation grow tremendously. Chaymeriyia enjoys exploring the city, particularly downtown, and indulging in photography as a hobby. She is also excited to transition from a freelance graphic designer to a new agency - Sxteen Design Studio.

Charles Andrew Poole

After attending Troy University, Charles Andrew Poole has become a wildly successful, self-taught fashion designer. He is now the CEO of his own brand- Charles Andrew Couture. He thanks his family for being a massive part of his success, but specifically his little brother for being an influence on his success. He has had difficulty in his field due to the fact that he has had no schooling or classes for design. Trial and error are his most used techniques in fashion design. Charles enjoys creating things unique to his taste, and he has no limit to what he can do. At the start of his journey in fashion design, Charles received a lot of negative comments and harsh feedback. Now, he is confident in the support of his community and his success continues to climb each day. In his free time, Charles enjoys watching movies, reading, traveling and being a fantastic tenor sax player.

Jason Privett

Jason Privett is a well-known and highly respected captain in the United State Air Force. He has achieved several academic accomplishments such as a obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Central Florida and has completed several military training programs such as the Air and Space Basic Course at Maxwell Air Force Base, Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Squadron Officer School, and lastly, Theories and Principles of Adult Education at Maxwell. Jason thanks his family for his success, but specifically mentions his father as his role model and biggest supporter. His family did everything in their power to allow Jason to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a member of the United States Air Force. He has, for a long time, feared failure, and the publicity of his hopes to be a success in the Air Force only nurtured those fears. As time passed, Jason only mastered his obstacles and overcame his fears. Now, he says that servitude is the most important and most wonderful part of his career. Jason enjoys serving both his country and the people that he has the privilege of leading. He says his time in Montgomery has become one of his favorite times of his life. The people are kind and welcoming, and manners are nothing short of mandatory. Jason enjoys traveling in his free time, as well as trying and tasting different beers and whiskeys.

Sommer Vaughn

A Samford University graduate, Sommer Hawthorne Vaughn worked for the first female Chair of the Alabama Republican Party (Montgomery native Twinkle Cavanaugh), after her term she moved to Montgomery to work for John McCain’s presidential campaign. She served in the Riley administration and most recently served as deputy chief of staff for the first Republican Speaker of the House in 135 years. As of November, Sommer joined the firm of Swatek, Howe and Ross. She considers her grandmother as having the biggest influence on her success. Sommer says, “She taught me from a young age that I could be and do anything I wanted if I kept a strong work ethic and treated everyone with respect and kindness.” In an industry dominated by men, she has held on to her grandmother’s advice and knows that hard work and dedication replaces any obstacles she may face. She loves Montgomery for the great friendships and mentors she has found. Sommer is married to Joshua Vaughn and they have a 4-year-old son, Gaines, and two dogs, Cash and Abigail.

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